5 signs that give you a born psychic


We all have a sixth sense: something within us that tells us where there is a hidden danger, when there is someone or something that we should not trust. Whether it is an intuition or a general sense of knowing something elusive, we have to trust and follow our intuition.

It may seem strange to say to someone: “trust your psychic abilities!”, But when you tell someone to follow your intuition, that’s what it is.

Here are just a few non-obvious and everyday things that prove that you really are psychic.

You think about a person before he writes you a message

Thinking about someone right before that person writes a message is actually a form of foresight — the ability to see or perceive events just before they happen, using additional sensory perception (extrasensory perception) and clairvoyance.

If this happens to you quite often, does this mean that you are receiving a signal from the Universe to transform this little extrasensory skill into a superhuman psychic ability? Maybe! Think about how you could use this in your personal life.

Always look at the clock at the same time.

Experts in the field of extrasensory perception claim that spirits try to communicate with the living through signs or signs. Duplicate numbers are one of these characters, especially the numbers 1111 or 111. Such an extrasensory gift can be used and enhanced like any other skill.

Numerology has a divine meaning for each number, so if you find yourself looking at a clock at the same time of day without a reason or you see the same number everywhere, see what it means. Receiving such messages may be a sign of channeling, the ability to communicate with spirits or guides who want to convey something to you.

The best way to strengthen this ability is when you see something that may be familiar, ask the spirit that you think is sending it, about the meaning of this “message.”

You feel “bad vibes” from someone and you feel chills

This is a sign of clairvoyance or the ability to clearly feel someone else’s energy. One of the most common psychic gifts, and of all such, he is the most mundane. People who are clairvoyants often speak of “feeling” to someone or something, like good or bad.

If you think that you are clairvoyant, trust your intuition. Seriously! This is the pinnacle of your own extrasensory power. You can also receive messages through your physical body.

You can enter someone's home and feel heavy and sad energy in it, only to find out that the people who had previously lived there experienced a tragedy or an accident.

You have a random image in your head when you hold an object.

Suppose you order your morning coffee in a cafe (since extrasensory feelings become aggravated when we are most relaxed), and the moment you get your cup, you get the image of a little girl hysterical.

Then you hear the barista who prepared your coffee complain of the hysteria that his daughter arranged that morning before leaving for work.

This is what is called psychometry or the reading of symbolic objects, and it is one of the simplest mental skills to practice. Although this happens occasionally, the more you pay attention to it, the more often it can happen.

You see a dream about a person and find out that he wants to talk to you

Dreams of someone you have not thought about for a long time, and awakening followed by the realization that this person was trying to contact you or that he thought about talking to you is a form of telepathy, the ability to hear or transmit messages mentally.

The initial stages of telepathy occur more often in a dream, because it is then that your mind is most relaxed and open to receive these messages. However, the more you open yourself up for this gift, the better you will realize it.

You may also find that you have the ability to sense when the people with whom you are most in touch, have a difficult time, or are in trouble.

All psychic gifts can be used and strengthened, like any other skill. Films inspire us that extrasensory perception is an inborn gift, and we tend to believe it. In truth, almost every psychic practitioner will tell you that they have developed their gift through dedication and constant practice, and you can too.