How men kiss different zodiac signs



Aries men are energetic and impulsive, which directly affects how they like to kiss. He may surprise you with a kiss in plain sight, or unexpectedly take you to a secluded place for a spontaneous kissing session. If you really want to surprise him, try kissing Spider-Man: kiss him so that his face is upside down in relation to yours.


Taurus is very sensual and loves slow and deep kisses. In addition, they are quite selective and will not kiss you until they decide that you deserve it. A chocolate kiss would be perfect for them, it’s not for nothing that they love to feel the taste. Kiss them gently and sensually, holding a piece of chocolate between your teeth, letting it literally melt in the process.


The twins are quite versatile, they love everything new and unusual. They love kisses, allowing them to explore with language. Sometimes they kiss slowly and softly, while at other times they put all their passion and energy into a coveted kiss. For Gemini, the main thing is to constantly change this process, maintaining their interest. You will never guess how your kiss will be this time.


Crayfish can be extremely sensitive and uneasy, but they reveal their softer side through kisses. Crayfish will kiss your face, neck, and even earlobes. The Kiss of Cancer is the kiss of a caring soul that gives understanding. Cancers do not perceive kisses as a prelude, for them it is like an expression of their own existence.

a lion

Lions kisses are powerful but playful. When your lips touch, you feel a spark that makes you want more. However, with their kisses, the Lions love to tease you, taking you to the extreme and making you literally want more. Surprise them with a kiss with a biting upper or lower lip between your teeth. They find it incredibly sensual.


Virgos are donors, so in the kiss they immediately follow you. If you expect rapid kisses, knocking breath, then get exactly them. If you are more inclined to passionate kisses, you will get them. Virgo will always follow your example.


In the depths of his soul, Libra is a real romance, and they take their own way of kissing just from the romantic films they have watched. Their kisses are always gentle, sweet. Try to withstand the theme of a movie, giving Libra a slow kiss. You will be surprised how quickly he will be able to speed up the process.


Scorpions are incredibly passionate, so they take the kissing process very seriously. Their kiss is a whole set of sensations with biting and caressing. In addition, they can be quite dominant, so do not be surprised at the true strength of their kiss.


Sagittarius get too much pleasure from kisses. They may seem a little aggressive when they kiss, but in fact they are just very passionate about the process. When kissing a Sagittarius, try blowing into his mouth, causing his cheeks to swell a little. Your partner will like this a lot.


Wow, Capricorns kiss superbly. They are able to find the perfect combination of lip strength, tongue movement and other related actions. Uncontrollable kisses, they rather prefer a calm and gentle.


Aquarians always do something of their own, including in terms of kisses. They will kiss you like no one else ever kissed you. Kissing Aquarius, get ready to give him all your energy. Bite his lower lip, tongue, kiss him vigorously before losing consciousness.


For Pisces, kisses mean much more: it is eye contact, and the touch of the shoulders, the whisper and even the scent of your partner. Kisses for Pisces is a comprehensive phenomenon that allows you to fully use your imagination. Kissing Pisces, go with the flow, and they will be incredibly happy.