7 tricks for a man to simply not be able to think about someone other than you

To interest a man, hook him, turn his head and fall in love with himself is only half the battle. The most important thing is to constantly warm it up and make it so that without noticing it, it will constantly think about you. Here are 7 sure ways to help you succeed in this.

1. Get lost for a while

As they say, the wedge knocks out. Make him nervous and worry a little - after a particularly successful date, just disappear for a few days. Do not answer calls and messages and make sure that he does not know anything about you. We guarantee that he will be exhausted by order and will have time to miss you when you, as if nothing had happened, will again appear on the horizon of his life.

2. Send no more than one message per day.

Of course, if this is your initiative, and he let him send messages even in tons. Men are quickly bored with obsession and excessive attention. On the contrary, they are attracted to women who are inaccessible and independent, those who do not go first and who need to be sought.

3. Touch it often

At meetings do not skimp on touch. Even if you are familiar quite recently, and are at the very beginning of a romantic relationship, you can take his hand, casually cuddle, hold his hand over his cheek or smack cutely on the cheek. Touches are for men very significant psychological anchors that leave persistent associations and memories in his memory.

4. Be extraordinary and extravagant

Women who are not like others are remembered immediately. Fight him with something unusual - style of clothes, hairdo, views on life, hobbies or out of the ordinary action. Of course, all this must be within the bounds of decency and morality. We give the head for clipping: he will remember such a shocking person for a long time.

5. Use the power of aromas

Smells play a very important role in attracting one another. Use only “your own” perfume that a man will firmly associate with your image. Use aromatic oils, candles - all that will remain in his memory a pleasant memory and will pop out at any mention of you.

6. Leave the unsolved mystery

So that a man’s interest in you never fades away, and the thoughts in his head were occupied solely by you, always remain a mystery to him. Let it be quite a little secret, but it will so much excite him that you will never become a read book that you want to remove to the far shelf.

7. Call him affectionate words.

The power of the word is truly magic, so you need to take advantage of its positive side. As often as possible, say nice words to your man, repeat as you need him, and call the two lovely nicknames that only you can understand. Kindness, warmth and caress always remain in the soul and then long remembered.