A woman with a capital letter always follows these 12 principles.

We watched successful and confident people and these were their habits.

Keep word

People with common sense always fulfill their promises, they are not idle talk. They do what they say. So they maintain a trusting relationship with many people, because you can rely on them.

Set boundaries and say no

Personal boundaries promote balance in life, and intelligent people know this for sure. They also know which people are better off not having affairs, and which behavior is unacceptable.

Control your finances

When a person does not know how to manage his finances and shifts it to another, a disaster may happen. A person who knows a lot about life will never give control of his accounts to another. He always knows everything about his income and expenses.

Do not have children until you are ready for this.

This is perhaps one of the most important principles of people with common sense. Remember it. To have a child with a partner who is not ready for this is a terrible mistake. Unprepared parents (or one of the parents) will not be able to give the child enough love, attention and care. Common sense implies thorough preparation and planning.

Do not poison your body

Common sense says that the less we poison ourselves with cigarettes, alcohol, junk food, the longer we live. However, many people forget about it and continue to be poisoned.

Changing opinion is normal

For some reason, it is believed that I have my preferences and opinions - bad and dishonest. But a person grows, develops, gets a new experience, his tastes change. And there is nothing wrong or scary.

Be able to wait

Successful people are those who do not expect instant results. They work for the future and know how to be patient and wait until their labors bring the promised fruit. This quality is also called willpower.

Do not buy something for which there is no money

Follow this wisdom, and you will avoid problems and not fall into debt. Why buy something that you can not afford?

Plan your future

People with common sense make plans for the future, but at the same time remain flexible. They are not afraid of change, so they are ready to change their plans somewhat depending on the circumstances.

Not to be friends for profit

An intelligent person is not friends because he receives some benefit in return, but because friendship itself is valuable.

Do not justify someone else's stupidity

Another very important principle. To justify someone else's stupidity, rudeness, or other unacceptable behavior is not the same as being kind, tolerant, and impartial. If people behave unacceptably, forgive them in your heart, but run as far as possible from them.

To be purposeful

People with common sense do not give up at the first difficulty. He is always firm in his intention to achieve his goals and is well aware of the difficulties that await them. Such people complete projects, but do not abandon them, they are true to their interests.