How to look richer than you really are: 3 fashionable tricks

This fashion is not what we see on the catwalk, but how we apply these trends in real life. Of course, not all trends can be applied in real life. However, some fashionable techniques that demonstrate the model, still be quite appropriate. A great way to stand out from the crowd and to establish yourself as a real style icon.

Put the jumper on the shoulders

We used to do this when we went for a walk, and froze a little - by the way, this summer is also very appropriate. But still it is one of the most stylish receptions in recent times, which is actively practiced on the catwalk, as well as guests at fashion weeks. Each of us can also try it - because for this, nothing special is needed. Just take a jumper with you and tie it on the beaches - and if you freeze, you will be thrown.

Wear glasses on the collar

We have already figured out that wearing sunglasses on your head is an anti-trend and a sign of bad taste. But if you go somewhere with glasses, then at least once, but you have to take them off. Carrying in your hands is not very convenient. But there is a solution - put them on the collar of T-shirts and shirts. Convenient and stylish, following the example of many bloggers and celebrities.

To tie a silk scarf on the head

This season we pay a lot of attention to hair accessories. The minimalist hairstyle, which is familiar to us, has faded a little into the background, and this summer we are experimenting with everything that you can put on your head. And since trends come from the end of the last century, we are particularly actively experimenting with all kinds of ribbons, bandages and bandanas. And the most stylish and easy way is to tie a scarf over your head. Be sure to try this technique - and you can add it with sun glasses.