If you have these 5 things, you have to retire

You can determine the age not only by the number of wrinkles on the face, but also by the way you prefer to use the care products. Read about what your bathroom can tell about you and what you can find in it.

Massage brush

These soft-nap wooden brushes were popular decades ago. Today, a lot of analogues have appeared to replace them, but many ladies still remain faithful to the things they used in their youth. The advantages of such a brush are indisputable, but maybe it is worth finding something more modern?

Body Oil

The fact that body oil helps to make the skin soft and silky, our mothers still knew, and we persevere in following their recommendations. However, do not get too carried away - it is enough to use oil once a week. Sometimes a light body cream can give a more effective result.

Pumice for feet

Smooth, beautiful legs are a must for every woman who wants to look feminine and attractive. Pumice stone is a traditional way to remove hardened skin, but modern socks for the feet can give much better results with minimal effort.

Remedy for hair loss

With age, hair begins to fall out, and a remedy for hair loss invariably appears in the bathroom. However, if you encounter such a problem, we recommend that you support the hair with regenerating masks, proper nutrition and vitamins for hair.

Mother's epilator

Today, the beauty industry offers a lot of ways to remove excess hair, but there are still ladies who are faithful to their old epilator. Please note that such devices have a shelf life, and using it after it expires can hardly be called hygienic.