5 things you should never wear with heels

We have come across more than once the complaints of men that women today completely stopped wearing heels. And this is not surprising, because today we can be very stylish without them.

However, high-heeled shoes still remain the most stylish and seductive shoes that women who want to like tend to use. Only not all images look equally well with heels. We have collected 5 things with which heels are best not to wear.

With denim shorts

Denim shorts are ideal for summer wear. Many fashionable bloggers actively exploit them in their images, putting them on mainly with sneakers or rough shoes. However, if you wear them with heels, your outfit from stylish will turn into vulgar, and you yourself will look like a lady from a deep province. Do not allow this, if you want to look like a lady with good taste.

With leggings

Another taboo - leggings in combination with heels. This type of clothing is quite complex in itself, and the image should be made just under leggings, rather than adding them to any set. Ideal shoes for them are sneakers, ballet flats or slip-ons. But heels instantly spoil it and kill all the originality.

With a short fitting dress

Another way to transform yourself from an elegant woman into a lady with reduced social responsibility is to combine a frank dress with high-heeled shoes. As you are well aware (especially if you read our magazine constantly), moderation is the main principle in explicit images. If you choose a high heel, then the length should be above the knee. If you stopped at a short length, pick the most concise shoes.

With mini skirt

By the same principle, it is worthwhile to build an image in which there is a short skirt. Many women wear it with heels due to outdated stereotypes, according to which the skirt is worn exclusively with shoes. These rules are outdated long ago - today it is precisely the combination of a short skirt and flat shoes that are considered to be a real aerobatics. But a short length with studs, on the contrary, will make you too vulgar.

With a dress to the floor

One more thing that is best to wear with flat shoes is a summer dress on the floor. Long dresses (and skirts too) with heels are not worn, this is an anti-trend. In addition, such a combination can distort your figure and make it disproportionate. The best shoes for this set are sandals or sandals without a heel.