Luxurious detail from the 90s, which makes any coat 10 times more expensive

Fur collar in any styles and shades is a small fashionable detail that is extremely relevant this season. With the help of such a collar, you can place accents in the image and even just warm yourself when it's cold outside.

Unlike fashionable anoraks in high-tech style and down jackets appearing at fashion week shows, collars resemble retro images of Hollywood beauties. In other words, this is a very aristocratic detail. But if earlier fur collars were combined with clutches and dresses, then in 2019, the fashionable audience chooses retro shades of collars and combines this elegant detail with denim volumetric decorations and bright prints.

The charm of the trend is that the collars are available in any price range. You can find especially unusual items in vintage stores. Anyway, the fur collar is able to completely transform your image and make it visually more expensive - several times! Now you know what to do to make your coat, favorite trench coat or raincoat and jacket look like a unique designer creation.

Want more style ideas? Take an example from fashion bloggers. Many buy jackets with trendy leopard print and colored fur. Such a thing looks very fashionable, but it will suit only the bravest of you.

More discreet, but no less stylish option - a white cloak with polka dots, decorated with a black fluffy collar and fur cuffs. This street-style heroine is worn with pants and white sneakers.

Another win-win combination is a glossy jacket or eco-leather raincoat with a bright pink dyed collar from the 90s. In this outfit, you will definitely be a disco party star!
@ saniaclausdeminaА for real fashionistas and lovers of predatory prints, we saved another very stylish model - a black jacket, decorated with a leopard collar and cuffs.