9 things in the house that should be washed every spring


Finally, they waited. The first day of spring inspires us to make ambitious plans and do the most difficult work. Maybe already paint the living room? Go through the children's toys? Clean out the attic? Of course, let's do it!

But when it comes to business, are you really ready to spend 12 hours on elbows in the mud at Christmas lights? Of course not. Therefore, we will present a list of cases where the maximum energy should be focused.


This is a place that constantly encounters dirt, and rarely does anyone clean it at all. The time has come. Take the soap with a rag and put them in order.

Clean fans and air conditioners

As a rule, nobody ever pays attention to ceiling fans and air conditioners. Well, perhaps, every six months, dust is removed from them. And what is being done there is simply disgusting. Since summer is coming soon, they will be used often enough; they must be thoroughly cleaned.


Finally, there is a place for this new midi skirt, already winter coats, scarves, gloves and boots will be stored for storage. And until you forget - it is worth looking through all the shelves to remove all winter shoes.

Under the bed

Yes, it sounds scary, but under the bed, mutant rabbits could already start in the dark far corners. Time to say "Go!"

Kitchen drawers, cabinets and shelves.

Crumbs, crumbs, crumbs everywhere. First of all, you should free all cabinets and shelves and clean them thoroughly. Then review all the dishes, and the one that is without a lid or cracked, you need to get rid of them. Already breathing easier, is not it?


You know, this is a place where we put everything that we no longer need, for example, matchbooks and business cards. But if you do not clean it a couple of times a year, he risks turning into a garbage dump.

First aid kit

Aspirin since 1998, few have used. This is the main subject of the bathroom, which should be thrown away. Although, when it comes to old products and empty bottles with pills, it is difficult for us to decide on this.


How much garbage there, urgently needs to be cleaned! Once and for all. Yes, and by the way, you should do it twice a year.


Did hot sandwiches in the microwave? Is the cheese on the microwave already dried up? It's time to clean. The same applies to your coffee maker, steamer and multicooker, which must be cleaned once a month.


Overdue products - our worst enemy, although, perhaps, someone and best friend. Remove everything, shelf by shelf, and wipe dry. Then return items that have a normal shelf life in order, and separately that you have been actively used in the past few months. Otherwise, our health may suffer.