If in conversation you will use these 5 tricks, any man will have a crush on you

As the famous saying goes, the path to the heart of a man lies through the stomach. However, before you feed a man, you must first attract him into your life. And here will help you the skill of "delicious" communication.

These 5 effective tips from a love-coach and an expert on the selection of the perfect pair of Yulia Lanske will help you to maintain an interesting conversation with a man and win his sympathy, even if you consider yourself the most artless companion.
Julia Lanske, a love coach and an expert in finding the perfect match.

Forget banal themes

"What's up? What are you doing? How was your day? ”These phrases on duty do not carry intrigue or highlight. To be able to start an interesting conversation, you should always keep in your arsenal a couple of fascinating stories, entertaining facts and win-win witty jokes.

Internet and books to help you! Read, subscribe to interesting newsletters, watch youtube-channels. Saturate your life with bright moments, and they will surely decorate your conversation with a man one day.

Also try to think of non-standard ways how you can start a conversation. One woman, for example, called the man in the morning and, without greeting, whispered to him in a mysterious voice: “Do you even know what I want to tell you?”. The stunned man replied: "No, I do not know." Then she said: "Good morning!". Both laughed for a long time, and the woman, meanwhile, hit the very goal.

Listen more, speak less

This is the case when the understatement is much more profitable. Laconic phrases without unnecessary words will make your speech unobtrusive, smooth and to the point. Just the one that men perceive best and which they themselves use.

Leave commanding habits for subordinates

Many women in leadership positions wonder why men run away from them. The fact is that the manner of communication at work imperceptibly seeps into personal life - it suffices to recall the film “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears”.

If you are a business woman, then make sure that your demanding tone remains at work - when you are in the company of a man, let him be the main one, and you will show your femininity, lightness and weakness in a good sense of the word. Those who like to hit angry on the table are doomed to become the companion of a limp henpecked, which is easier to live without making any decisions.

Do not load, and unload

Criticism, hysteria, other grievances and problems that you seek to pour onto a man’s head will not lift you in his eyes. A man goes to a woman for calm, warmth and energy. He has enough stress in his life, and if you are another source of negativity for a man, then you are unlikely to linger next to him.

Try to keep your conversation not flowing in a negative direction. Immerse the man in bright and light emotions, praise him, make compliments - without flattery and obsessive coquetry. Let a man feel his importance, find in you a source of strength and energy. And then he will come back for feeding again and again, without remaining in debt. At the same time, do not kill yourself in attempts to please the man with all your might - it is important that your communication will be pleasant and easy.

It is important not only what you say, but how to speak

In addition to verbal communication, use non-verbal - body language. The timbre of your voice, gestures, movements, facial expressions, postures - all this can attract a man on a subconscious level, if you do everything right.

Talking with a man, be feminine and make smooth movements, nod in a sign that you are listening, smile. Do not forget about the tone of voice: let it be a little lower than usual, velvety, with hints of mystery.

Do not slouch, do not make heavy and sudden movements and ridiculous grimaces. Try to follow your movements during a conversation, study your facial expressions in front of a mirror and get rid of unsuccessful grimaces. Record a few phrases on the recorder, listen to how you sound and make the necessary adjustments. All this will help you to skillfully use non-verbal communication, which can lead you to the heart of a man.