5 fashionable pieces that every woman should know for 40

40 years is the time for any woman when she can’t afford the “fashionable mistakes” of her youth, and it’s time to choose elegant looks and high-quality comfortable clothes.

Regardless of age, every woman always wants to look stylish and attractive, and forty years is not a sentence. At this age, fashionable preferences are already formed, despite this it is recommended to carefully select trends, guided by the characteristics of your figure.

In order to look elegant and elegant in the following forty years, the following useful tips will help.

The less jewelry the better

Massive earrings, heavy bracelets and large necklaces may not look the best, and even are pretentious and coarse. If you still can not refuse jewelry, it is recommended to give preference to the minimalist style and thin lines. As jewelry for everyday wear, you can use a watch with a neat strap, laconic necklaces of precious metals and small bracelets that match the look.

V-neckline - no!

There is a tendency that it is women after forty who are more actively exposing their breasts to show that it may look vulgar, even if the skin in this area has retained its former elasticity. The best cutout option that looks elegant and no less sexy is considered the shape of the “boat”. Also, this type of cut is considered suitable for almost any type of figure, for example, for women with medium and small breasts, with slender and thin shoulders, for a “pear-shaped” figure. The “boat” looks especially harmonious in evening dresses, which makes the image more feminine and more attractive.

Say "yes" to bright colors in clothes.

The more years a woman has, the brighter things should be in her wardrobe, stylists say. It's no secret that light clothes make visually ten years younger, or even more. Today there is a wide choice of clothes in pastel colors, for example, in ivory, creamy shades, beige, dusty - pink, etc. If you still can not deny yourself buying dark things, then let your image be from a dark bottom and light top.

Unusual and bright shoes - your elixir of youth

Often the whole female image depends on the chosen shoes. Despite the fact that the classic black shoes are considered suitable to everything, fashion stylists do not agree with this. Shoes of bright colors can make the image more interesting and make you stand out from the crowd. You do not know how to choose the most advantageous combination, it is necessary that the color of the shoes echoes those involved in the image with at least one item of clothing or accessory.

Qualitative style - in high-quality clothes.

If at the age of twenty it was very important to buy a large amount of inexpensive, but fashionable things, then at forty years it is better to purchase high-quality clothes for basic wardrobe. Things like a one-piece turtleneck, a white shirt, a dress case, a jacket, cotton pants or jeans are something that you can make a lot of looks for every day, as well as for evening meetings. Preference is better to give natural materials, such as linen, cotton, silk, etc. It is in quality things you will feel more confident and comfortable.