A money-hungry woman dresses that way: 5 signs

Our style is a true reflection of our character, lifestyle, worldview. Even if you yourself do not want that, what you choose can tell a lot about you. For example, just clothes can give your mercantile spirit.


Women who feel sorry for money often prefer to save on themselves. For example, buying high-quality items in boutiques seems to be overkill, and they don’t see any sense in that. Why, if things from the market, as they think, look just as good?

Of course, in reality this is not at all the case. First of all, synthetics always reduces the cost of an image. And since the miser pays twice, for a long time such clothes, of course, are not enough.

Things not to fit

Since the main goal of such ladies is to buy things as cheap as possible, they very often buy clothes on sales or simply discounted. Of course, the likelihood that such an acquisition will fit the figure is extremely small. To address the tailor, as it is supposed to do in such situations, no one will. Therefore, women who save can easily be recognized by dangling or too small things.

Jewelry from cheap metals

Jewelry is not cheap, but you still want to look good. Therefore, they seek to purchase jewelry from cheap metals, similar to jewelry. As a rule, it is cheap costume jewelry (after all, quality is not cheap jewelry), which is very difficult to call stylish. There is another problem here - cheap metals can even be dangerous to health.

Promotional Accessories

When buying cosmetics or any other products, sometimes they give a scarf, handbag or even a t-shirt. They will be worn only by those who feel sorry for the money to buy an accessory that matches the style and image. Why provide advertising services to companies at no cost, while sacrificing their own style?

Leatherette Shoes

Women who believe that leatherette shoes do not even visually differ from natural ones are mistaken. It is sometimes possible to determine the quality shoes with the naked eye. In addition, it is on artificial shoes that cracks and scuffs appear very quickly. And after she lost her appearance, it is definitely not worth wearing her - she will instantly create you a reputation as not only a greedy, but also an unkempt woman.