6 reasons to grow old: hairstyles that steal youth

You carefully care for your skin and successfully prevent wrinkles, but you still look older? Perhaps you should change your hairstyle. According to experts, the right hairstyle will work for you and make the visually younger, and the wrong hairstyle - on the contrary, old.

6 mistakes in hairstyles that make you look 10 years older:

Your haircut is too short

If you have healthy thick hair, there is no reason to cut it short, following the stereotypical standards of what hairstyle corresponds to a particular age. If you really like a short haircut, then make it fashionable - slightly disheveled, with soft waves. You will look more modern, and you will be able to style this hairstyle in no time.

Your hair is too long

A long length pulls the hair (as well as your facial features) to the bottom. Shaped long dry curls just do not add you freshness. Better vote for a trendy asymmetrical forehead. Such models of haircuts divert attention from wrinkles. "

You are afraid to lighten hair

Inky black hair shade can visually age you. To add volume to the curls and refresh the face, making it younger, ask the master to give you glare along the entire length of the hair and especially on the face - this will distract attention from wrinkles. Or dye your hair two or three shades lighter.

You do not like to choose paint a tone two darker than your face

Coloring the same shade as your complexion will most likely not look very beautiful - as it will blend in with your face. If you are too light, dye your hair a deeper caramel color.

You do not know how to work with gray hair

Do not let gray strands spoil your image. To do this, in addition to dyeing hair, care for your hair with the help of special tools that contain gloss enhancers and UV filters. Such a hairstyle a priori will refresh face.

You vote for a bold haircut

According to the stylists, bangs deal best with this. But before you cut the fancy bang, first do an experiment: put your hand on your forehead when you look in the mirror, and then remove your hand - which type do you like the most? Also make the bangs denser and thick, not thin, and too short.