6 female faults that men really just adore

It is believed that a woman, in order to please a man, must necessarily meet certain higher standards. But there are women's flaws that do not turn men away at all, but on the contrary, cause genuine interest.

1. Epatage

In the understanding of civilized society, the scandalous woman is the one who wears informal clothes, dyes her hair pink and throws one trick after another. But originality is an excellent means to attract the opposite sex. Men simply adore women who stand out from the crowd and are striking.

2. Lightheadedness

Frivolous ladies are usually adventurous, active and capable of quick action. Who else, if not with such a woman, to try new things, dive into unexplored experiments and indulge in all serious things? In addition, she will not worry too much about trivia, make global plans and be too correct.

3. Scandalousness

As is known, no one loves brawlers and instigators of the showdown. But there are exceptions in all the rules: the more passion there is in a relationship, the more emotional, passionate and relaxed a woman looks. A sort of fury that sweeps literally everything in its path, but then how nice it is to put up with it. Men, by the way, find this incredibly attractive.

4. Sensitivity and vulnerability

Such women are too close to take everything to heart, they are offended at every little thing, often crying and love to be sad alone. Someone would call it weakness and lack of will, but many men are just attracted to this type, because the princesses want to protect, protect and wear on their hands.

5. Windiness

For a woman, frivolity is usually a stigma that haunts her throughout her life. But even on such instances there are lovers who are not so rare. As men themselves admit, loving women are able to flirt brilliantly, are liberated in communication and are not afraid of experiments in intimate relationships.

6. Inability to keep house

A bad mistress is not always a disaster for a man. Yes, such a woman would not indulge with homemade borsch and brilliant purity. But she will not cut for scattered socks, dirty dishes and dirty floor. Take a moment, men!