10 small parts that do not hide from his eyes

Perhaps the most common cause of women's offenses is that you did a soooo manicure and dyed your hair, but he did not notice anything. Therefore, we are accustomed to thinking that men do not notice anything at all in us. However, there are things that he will notice.

Short haircut

If you decide to trim the tips, he will hardly notice the difference. But if your hair becomes significantly shorter, he will certainly pay attention to it - men always note the length of the girl’s hair first.

Pretend in a dream

You really want him to kiss you sleeping, like in a movie, and therefore pretend. But it will not catch! It is better to wake up and give him a cheek - he will definitely not refuse you.

Lack of bra

They see it not so much as they feel. And they feel - your look and your desire, which will surely find a response in it.

Fake irritation in response to a joke

If he is attentive enough, he will surely notice that you are smiling. If so, why don't you do it in the open?

New underwear

New dress or jeans, he hardly notice. But he definitely will not miss the new set of sexy underwear!

Your attention to the details of his life

It would seem that such courageous and brutal - but when they understand that you remember their favorite movie or hero, or some funny story from his childhood, it touches them tremendously.

Your care

He had a bad day and you understood that. Therefore, you are ready to stay close, support, discuss his affairs if he wants, or just leave him alone. He will appreciate it.

Your bad mood

And he is also able to discern that you are not comfortable, you are dissatisfied with something and you have a bad mood. And just like you, he is ready to understand and support you.

Your touch

During a joint walk, your hands are touching and it is very nice. It speaks of the real intimacy between you, and men always mark it.

Yes, the representatives of the stronger sex are not quite as callous as we think!