4 beauty habits that will betray your poverty

Saving money is not a bad habit. We do not urge you to lower astronomical sums to your appearance, but also to deny yourself the best quality self-care procedures is not the best idea, because you deserve the best. What beauty habits betray your poverty?

Remove excess hair with depilation cream

Depilatory cream, despite its apparent simplicity, is not the best way to remove unwanted hair. It differs literally nuclear composition, which definitely does not benefit your skin. It is better to spend money and wax waxing or choose a shugaring.

Use cheap mass market hair dye

The same applies to paints for self-use, which women buy in supermarkets. It is possible to dye your hair at home under one condition - you are sure of your abilities, you understand color and you have a good idea how this is done. In addition, paints should be used professional, they are of higher quality. If you are not sure that you can do it, it is better to turn to a good master and not save on yourself.

Apply a huge layer of foundation and powder

If you have imperfections on your skin, dark circles under your eyes or something else you would like to hide, you should contact your beautician. And use concealer and powder. But to put on the face an impenetrable mask of foundation and powder is definitely not worth it.

Do chemistry

Your hair will look good if you look after them and make beautiful, neat styling. Chemical perm, made from the principle of "where cheaper", just can not look good. But the risk to spoil with this dubious beauty procedure, the hair is very large.