5 secrets to make perfect everyday makeup in 5 minutes

Do you notice wrinkles and irregularities on the face? This is normal. But few people realize that by ignoring just a few rules, you can make these lovely irregularities more noticeable, and your mood is worse. There is a huge selection of cosmetics on the market today, but what to choose and how to use it for natural and light makeup?

Here are some everyday makeup tips that professional makeup artists apply.

Moisturize the skin

With age, the skin becomes dehydrated, so it is important to care for and properly prepare it for makeup.
Clean and moisturize face, eyes and lips well before applying makeup.

Choose the right tone

There are two components - a tone that aligns the texture, and a corrector that hides flaws. Treat skin toning as a filter that makes the face look fresher and color even. If your skin has a uniform color and a smooth surface, then you can use a moisturizing and softening transparent primer.

It is important to take the most subtle tonal cream that can be found in the line of any cosmetic brand. This cream is distributed over the skin unnoticed, but it has a wet or satin finish. Avoid buying dense tonal foundations with a matte or powdery effect. They will highlight even the smallest flaws. This also applies to the choice of concealer or corrector. Pigmented fine texture with moisturizing serum, which will hide well with color, not density, will be ideal for the eyes.

Choose cream textures

Cream sculpting and blush are ideal for aging skin. Apply quite a bit of makeup in the form of a small oval on a relaxed face. Do not draw stripes. Pay attention that the sculptor should continue the zone from the lobe, and the blush should be applied to the most prominent area of ​​the cheek. Do not be afraid to mix the sculptor with the rouge on the face, but do it evenly. Looks natural and beautiful. If you do not have cream products, then safely take lipstick in the stick.

It is advisable not to use dry sculptors and highlighter with coarse glitter. You can apply powder without talc on the "light": T-zone, nose and chin.

Avoid graphics

Want to look younger? Brush your eyebrows in the direction of their natural growth: a slope of 45 degrees. This will visually lift the eyelid and the look will become clear. You can correct the gaps in pencil color of the roots, but do not get carried away.
Make lips natural, do not draw a contour: apply with fingers or fluffy brushes. Try tints and lip balm with color.

Use natural and natural shades.

Our task is to add freshness and youth to the face. Warm makeup or a mixture of cold and warm shades are ideal for eye makeup. If you use only graphite gray, then it will instantly add age. Try to leave the eyelid intact and highlight the upper ciliary row, extinguishing the product, for an expressive look. Use as close as possible to your skin tone color. Lipstick, choose a shade of mucous, do not need cold and too dense textures.

Make-up at any age is beautiful when almost invisible. Try to gloss over your features and hide flaws. A few accents and your face shines with freshness and naturalness. Be careful not to overdo it.

The material was prepared with the support of the salon Bianco.nero