4 actions that you completely discourage a man from wanting to be with you

Many relationships that could have continued are not saved, because we do not make a real effort to understand our partners.

Here are 4 situations that almost completely push a man away from you, without giving hope for the development of your union. These are the things that seem to look harmless, but in fact they discourage your partner's desire to be with you.

1. You do not give him the support he needs

If you are not close to your partner when he needs you, then what is the use of you? If your partner calls for help often enough, and you fail him, he will no longer see your support. And if you do not support your partner, over time he will have to look for it on the side.

Not all of us have family and friends who help us in life. Those who do not rely especially on the person they love are among those. If you do not support your soul mate, then someone else will do it.

2. You do not give a man the space he needs

The space is not only physical, but also mental and emotional. We all want to feel independent (the key word is “feel”). When we are in a relationship, total independence just disappears. When we love someone, our happiness literally depends on that person.

However, we still want to feel free. We want physical space to give us what we want to do alone or with other people in our lives. We want the emotional space to think, experience and enjoy other things and people in our lives.

If you care about your loved one, you will make every effort to understand how much space and in what quantity he needs.

3. You are either too jealous or not at all jealous

Passion. If this feeling is too small, your relationship will fade, if there is too much, your relationship will heat up to the limit. There is a right approach to being passionate, and there is a wrong one. Jealousy, in particular, is simply necessary for this.

Didn't you get upset when you found out that your man feels absolutely no jealousy when someone else stares at you? Of course it will hurt. We want to be independent, but we also want the person we love to feel that he or she owns us. Never to be jealous of your chosen one is tantamount to indifference.

4. You do not share the positive attitude of men in the near future.

Feeling good today is important, but it's not as important as feeling good tomorrow. You must transfer this feeling to your partner and instill hope in him.

If he looks at you and sees a dark future filled with heavy emotions and uncertainty, then your relationship will not last long. They will not be able to continue. In the end, the dreadful tomorrow he fears may appear today.

On the other hand, if you give your beloved a reason to look forward to tomorrow, help to let go of the past, enjoy the moment and live in anticipation of everything that the future has prepared for you two. Then you two will create the ground for a long love relationship.

If you do not want to alienate your partner, show him that tomorrow is better with you than any possible tomorrow without you.