Which of the zodiac signs is an introvert, and who is an extrovert

As you are all well aware of, there are extroverts among people - who like to communicate and cannot imagine their life without society, and introverts who have a strictly opposite situation - they prefer to be alone. Among which signs of the zodiac are more introverts, and which ones prefer communication?



Eccentric, characterized by a cheerful temper Aries - typical extroverts. They always rest in a noisy company, in which they become the center of attention.


Merry Twins critically need people who will listen to them, because they have something to tell, and they get real pleasure from it.

a lion

Lions are always in the spotlight, and without people who admire them, they feel completely misunderstood and lost.


Libra loves to communicate with interesting people whom they masterly find in society. Alone, they don’t really suffer, but miss.


Representatives of the third fire sign are also typical extroverts. They can't sit still for a minute. Had their will, they would constantly be on the road. And, of course, in good company.


Aquarius despise the rules and adore freedom. However, they just can not be called introverts - they enjoy a good company.



He and in good company will not be confused, but now crowds of people lead him to longing. Why does he need all these people? Why do people in general, when there is a delicious cake, good wine and an interesting book?


Cancer is a typical homebody. In society, it pulls infrequently, but without good friends, of course, no one can do.


Virgo has more important things than parties. She is busy with work, study and self-development. All this, of course, is best done alone.


Scorpio is left alone for a variety of reasons. First, his trust still needs to be earned. Secondly, often he has personal crises, during which any society is a burden to him.


Capricorn works. He earns money and does not want to waste time on some nonsense.


Mysterious and dreamy, they prefer their own company. However, like Libra, it sometimes becomes depressing and starts to miss friends.