4 flaws in your speech that spoil your whole image

To conquer a decent man with whom you can live happily until the end of life, not enough short skirt, fluffy neckline and slender legs. He will have to make an impression with the beauty of his personality and intelligence. But the speech, in which there are these nuances, can push him away.

Common expressions

If you speak as a village dweller, then you can only attract a man from the village. And if you want to conquer a decent, successful, or at least promising man who can achieve a lot, you have to make your speech, if not literary, then at least close to the classical one.

Wrong accent

“Calling” with emphasis on the first syllable and other speech errors irritate not only the so-called “grammar-Nazi”, but also ordinary people who have received a quality education. If you don’t know how to pronounce a particular word, it’s better to find out before you get into an uncomfortable situation.

Speech consisting solely of simple colloquial phrases

If you consider such words as "a priori", "comme il faut" and other similar words abstruse and complex and do not use them in your speech, we have bad news for you - you lose a great opportunity to be remembered by a man with a beautiful and competent speech.

English words

Another nuance that does not work in your favor is the abundance in speech of words borrowed from English, but not fixed in our language. And if the word “okay”, in principle, is not a tragedy, then words like “troubles”, “friends”, “sister” and others will not decorate your speech at all and will get on your nerves.