3 situations because of which a man throws even the nicest woman

We often say that we do not see an approaching breakup. Even when he rushes like a mad bull and is about to butt its horn. And sometimes the gap really appears as if from nowhere. Everything seemed to be fine, until suddenly it ceased to be so.

Regardless of how the separation takes place in a single relationship, all gaps usually have a lot in common. Below are three reasons your ex is unlikely to tell you.

You may think that this does not apply to your chosen one. After all, he was sensitive, open, he even cried in the movies. But all men encounter certain things that make them run away soon.

Understanding these reasons will help you move away from the gap, and, perhaps, return the former one. Below are the very three reasons that make men leave even the best women.

1. He felt pressure and claims

You always in a relationship with him wanted love more than he gave, wanted more of his affection? Maybe you felt that you were trying to “fix” something in a relationship?

If any of the above concerns you, then you have a clear imbalance in the relationship. Most likely, the man felt pressure or excessive demands on your part.

And now a little spoon of honey. Most men run from emotional pressure as if it were a direct threat to their lives. The pressure from the woman causes a feeling of weak character and insufficient masculinity and therefore makes him feel unprepared for the surrounding events. In these moments, it seems to a man that everything that he would not do will be little for you.

This leads to the fact that it is easier for a man to lock his heart on a lock than to constantly feel pressure and claims.

2. You competed in a relationship

If a man is forced to fight with a woman for leadership in a relationship, then he not only feels inferior, but also feels that there is no place in his life for masculinity. Remember: this is very important.

Of course, this does not mean that only a man should control the relationship. Of course, this would be unfair to both parties.

Successful relationships look like a mutual addition, when everyone is responsible for certain areas. If this does not happen, then both sides begin to compete and fight for control, and their relationship eventually collapses. This happens in the following cases:

  • Financially. Who among you is the breadwinner? Do you earn more than him? And, more importantly, was he reprimanding it?
  • Do you often decide everything yourself? Where to dine, what to do, what film to go to?

If he felt that you were against him and not for him, then, of course, he was afraid to open his heart completely, so that later he could lose and get injured.

3. He did not feel your respect

A man cannot build his life with that woman who does not respect him. He must feel that his rear is covered, and his partner is always on his side. He should know that in difficult times she will support him. That is, the truth is that a woman is the key to his success.

In order for it to open up to you and begin to show sensitivity and responsiveness, you need a large and powerful foundation of respect. And with a good woman on his side, he can take more risks than he could on his own.

Now that you know the reasons for which he left, how will you begin to return him? If you really still love him, then it's time to think and start taking concrete actions to correct the situation. Now you know how to break through the defenses and touch his deepest part of the heart. He will feel peace and tranquility and believe that you truly understand him.