9 acts of wise wives who want to save their marriage

As they say, to get married and play a wedding a lot of mind is not necessary. But keeping your union happy and not letting it fall apart is already a whole science. Much in family life depends on the wisdom and wit of the wife. Not for nothing that the popular saying goes: "A husband is a head, and a wife is a neck."

1. Always watching you.

Even if you are a mother of three children, and you have the responsibility to monitor the family hearth around the clock, do not forget that, first of all, you are a beautiful woman. This does not mean that you should always look like a model on the cover of a glossy magazine, but it is better not to put off the elementary procedures for personal care and updating your wardrobe.

2. Listens to her husband

To listen is not to obey and obey in everything, but to be able to show sympathy and empathy when he shares something with you and trusts. Always be open to talking with a man and go to meet him if he wants to get your help and support.

3. Always gentle

The Snow Queen had to be built of herself when your relationship was just beginning, and the man was conquering you. And now, please, become for him that gentle and affectionate wife, who does not skimp on hugs, kisses, compliments and affection.

4. Do not discuss the man behind his back

It's just low - gossip and complain about her husband when he does not know and does not hear. It is better not to wash dirty clothes and family problems and solve the problems within our union rather than put them on public display.

5. Arranges romantic surprises.

Although many women believe that this is an exclusively male prerogative, it is sometimes necessary to take the initiative in their own hands and organize a gala dinner for yourself just like that, or to please it with a new set of linen. Not only women love and appreciate attention, but men also - this is verified.

6. Always says how important he is to her.

As often as possible, remind your man how much you value him. Always thank for help, praise and do not be afraid to repeat how you love him for the twentieth time in a day. Even if your partner is stingy with responses, your words and actions will provide him with reliable support and confidence that he is needed.

7. Recalls joint happy moments of the past.

These can be shared photos, videotapes of your wedding, or just memories of the time when you were still in the role of a boy and a girl in relation to each other. Such moments of the common past incredibly bring together and give a sense of integrity, community and confidence that further everything will be just better.

8. Does not compare him with other men.

For a man, there is nothing more painful than a comparison with rivals. The feeling of your own high self-esteem is very important for them, therefore, do not put pressure on the sore spot and do not set as an example the husband of a friend who is kinder, smarter, more tender and earns more. This will not be a stimulus for your man to new achievements, but, on the contrary, will deal a significant blow to his pride.

9. Not satisfied with the scandals and clarify the relationship.

No one likes hysterical women. Therefore, in order to get to the truth, solve a problem or express your own displeasure, never drop to primitive tears, cry and complaints. The most important thing is calm and the ability to control oneself. That is why your man will appreciate and respect you.