7 ways to find out how much a man likes you and what kind of relationship he wants

Few things in our life can confuse things as much as men's behavior towards women. Especially when it comes to the very beginning of the novel.

For example, after a joint campaign in a restaurant, you are simply convinced that he is about to make an offer to start a relationship. And suddenly he disappears without a trace. Every woman had such a story when she made a mistake trying to figure out what was behind his flirting. In fact, he can tell a lot about a man. For this, it is worth analyzing exactly how he flirts.

Here are 7 of the most popular tricks of men, when they want to capture your attention and heart, as well as their true meaning.

1. Flirt without lyrical digressions

A man speaks directly about his desires and feelings, thereby showing that he is ripe for a serious relationship. He demonstrates his feelings directly, that he has a very effective effect on girls, he disposes to them. As a rule, under such pressure no doubts arise among girls. Such a man is impossible not to believe.

2. A man speaks on abstract topics.

It happens that a man expresses his feelings with the help of various kinds of life stories, sometimes with black humor. This is a signal that he is very careful. At first glance, it may seem that the girl does not interest him, but in fact the opposite is true. His slowness and a certain detachment are, rather, an indicator of his embarrassment and shyness, and such conversations give him confidence.

Many men cannot frankly flirt because they have discomfort, self-doubt, indecision. In such a situation, you can help him by directing the conversation in the right direction.

3. witty flirting

Good humor in combination with the wit of a man causes a special interest in a woman. Chatting is fun, relaxed, free - it helps to establish contact. Witty men actively use the feedback - they understand the girl from half a word, change tactics on the move and conquer her in a new way. “Chemistry” of feelings takes place between the two, it is immediately noticeable and a couple takes communication to a new level. Sometimes a man sharpens forcedly, but in a positive way. This means that he has good intentions, he is kind and helpful.

4. Normal conversation, nothing like flirting

In this case, the man actively flirts, but without coquetry. He does not need it. For such a conversation, he must be decisive, sustained, in order to arouse the necessary interest, and not just flirt with it. This tactic is inherent in very confident men experienced in relationships with women, which makes it difficult to discern and believe in the sincerity of his intentions. And if at the end of the conversation he admits to the girl sympathy for her, she will believe him.

5. He draws attention with crazy acts.

No one will say that such men lack confidence. On the contrary, they are bold, decisive, risky. Another thing with their intentions: it is difficult to immediately understand what they want more - to impress a girl or be in the limelight.

6. Flirt with elements of physical contact

Any man who touches a woman without her consent should be avoided. However, if a girl is keen, if she sympathizes with a man, she will enjoy such touches. Not every man is capable of starting his own flirtation with such a person, and often those who can be categorized as "lost their strength and abandoned" resort to such tactics. On the other hand, in combination with a more sincere subtext, this tactic gives both the opportunity to assess whether there is “chemistry” between them or not.

7. He serves cocktails (classics of the genre)

Reception is old as the world, but effective. Who does not like to be treated? The only disadvantage is the fact that having bought for a free treat, the girl will have to endure the man’s company even when she already realized that he is not her type. Since this way of flirting is very popular, it can be difficult for girls to make out what a man is looking for - a serious relationship or casual connections for one evening. In any case, it is necessary to analyze not only the words and compliments, but also the actions of a man, his demeanor, style of communication. Especially when you are not sure of his sincerity, it would be nice to look at the situation as if from the side and see if that very “chemistry” of feelings happened between you or not.