5 fashionable images for those who are tired of winter

The last month of winter usually passes uneasy: the stable sun is still far away, the multi-colored garlands are dismantled, and a dirty gray color prevails outside the window. On apathetic days, a “breath of air” is simply necessary. We create images: interesting in spring, warm in winter.

Sophisticated image

The secret of a hat is that it can transform its owner beyond recognition. Perhaps no detail of the wardrobe adds so much sophisticated charm to a woman. In mid-February, after a fairly gray landscape outside the window and a monotonous wardrobe of outerwear, the hat will give a highlight to the image and will help to change your mood. A compliment from others will warm and remind you that spring is coming. Sophia Loren, a hot fan of hats, said: "In my opinion, a woman in a hat can not be forgotten ..."
Hat United Colors of Benetton, Hat United Colors of Benetton,

Playful image

Today, tights are an important detail in the wardrobe, so you need to be able to combine them with clothes. Pantyhose with a picture will refresh any image and attract admiring glances. Yes, and help yourself to cheer with small peas or hearts. Translucent models blend perfectly with skirts and midi and maxi dresses.
Oysho tights, 899 rub. Oysho tights, 899 rub.

Lady image

We play with contrast: a long, juicy-colored dress peeks out from under a down jacket or a coat. On the street and indoors the color of the dress will warm and delight. Combine with boots, boots with low soles or ankle boots.
Dress Fashion House Victoria Tishina,. Dress Fashion House Victoria Tishina,.

Bright image

Distemper in winter - the body's natural reaction to a drop in temperature and a decrease in daylight hours One of the excellent remedies for apathy is color therapy. For example, the real antidepressant of February is a trendy bright coat. Psychologists advise even in food to give preference to dishes with juicy shades. This coat will not only lift your spirits, but also warm you - 80% of wool is a part. And in the spring, which has quite changeable weather, you can throw a coat on flowing dresses and light blouses.
Coat Mango,. Coat Mango,.


In winter, our body is experiencing tactile hunger - dry skin, cold wind, prickly snow in the face. We lose important body contact. The best body therapy is to pamper your body with softness and tenderness. The costume contains 45% of cashmere, which will interact with the skin, creating thermal protection, and you will feel it with every cell in your body. Doctors also recommend against the winter blues - to undergo a course of massage and sign up for dancing or painting courses.
Moki costume. Moki costume.