This item makes any bag look 10 times as expensive.

Over the past few years, there has been an increase in affordable designer bags: they are popular with fashionable Instagram bloggers and at the same time are not worth a fortune.

Bags that sell the fastest have one thing in common - the effect of crocodile skin. At the same time, interest in such bags with each season is becoming more and more, and so will be more than one year, I'm sure Lisa Aiken, director of fashion for Net-a-Porter. The secret is that such leather bags are very photogenic, look expensive and at the same time serve you for a long time.
Bag Medvedkovo, Many modern brands, both old and young, have already included bags with the effect of crocodile skin in their collections. After all, this accessory looks really premium and adds to your image of high cost and elegance.
Bag Zarina, look at the bags with the effect of crocodile skin in the form of a bucket and in brown color - they are especially relevant this season.
Trucco bag,