7 fashionable tricks that will make you look slimmer


Thanks to the right clothes you can visually lose weight. It is only necessary to remember that we not only hide the nuances that embarrass us under our clothes, but also emphasize our merits. Every woman wants to be quickly beautiful and slim. Super-effective, but long-term ways: sports, food and clothing. But there are little tricks that give instant results.

Adjust the figure

Choosing corrective underwear you need to decide which part of the figure you need to adjust. For example, there is a body without cups - to reduce the volume of the buttocks and in the waist or the body with molded push-up cups, which can reduce or enlarge the breast, and tighten the tummy.
Lingerie corrective women'secret,. Lingerie corrective women'secret,.

Apply monochrome colors

You can look slimmer not only because of the black color. Pay attention to the bottle green, wine, eggplant, graphite, the color of Marsala or the color of chocolate. For example, a jacket of a free cut, reserved deep blue color. Sewn belt fixes the waist and hides the volume of the abdomen, separates the body and creating the perfect silhouette of an hourglass. Under it free pants are ideal, but not too wide. An iron fold in the center of the pants creates a taut and graceful silhouette. Choose monophonic, without shine of fabric, high quality.
Jacket Northern Lagoon. Jacket Northern Lagoon,.

We use asymmetric balance

Stylish dress straight silhouette. Thanks to the asymmetrical pattern, it adds a couple of centimeters of growth and creates the right balance between top and bottom. A noble combination of colors will give you not only a slim silhouette, but also make this dress indispensable: for office and for rest.
W & B Dress,. W & B Dress,.

We put on large jewelry

Bright, large, slightly pretentious, unusual design details will distract attention from critical areas. Against the background of large accessories, the oval of the face and shape seem smaller.
Necklace Kameo-Bis, 692 rubles. Necklace Kameo-Bis, 692 rubles.

Wear heel

Leather ankle boots with heels lengthen the figure, especially in combination with tights in the color of shoes, as well as leggings or trousers. Legs seem longer and slimmer. Choose a steady heel and do not forget about your posture - it is with your posture that the stomach is drawn in, the shoulders are straightened, the chin is tightened.
Shoobootique Ankle Boots, Shoobootique Ankle Boots,.

Choosing a V-neck

This model perfectly emphasizes the neckline and pulls out the silhouette. An elongated neckline will provide a vertical effect and balance the circular shape of the face. T-shirts, jumpers and cardigans, too, choose a V-neck.
Mango Pullover, 849 rubles. Mango Pullover, 849 rubles.

Prefer Vertical Stripes

A skirt with a vertical stripe and high waist optimally balances the figure and makes the image elegant and fun. When walking, the flowing skirt repeats the movements of your body and creates a light airy image. By the way, stylists advise to open and demonstrate hands, neck, legs - this distracts attention from problem areas.
Evans Skirt, Evans Skirt,