10 unobvious signs that a man is sick of you


Probably every woman at least once in her life had a situation when a love relationship was completely exhausted and the partner simply “burned out”. If in a relationship one person bothers another, as a rule, couples just break up.

But sometimes it is different: he and she are waiting for the relationship to fall apart by themselves, or waiting for someone to be more comfortable to leave.

Often, a man who is satiated with relationships hides a true picture of affairs, and very well, without saying a word to his partner. And therefore it is often strange for us to hear phrases when our chosen one has already decided everything for us and we are breaking up.

Here are some signs that a man is tired of relationships. If you find them in time, perhaps there is a chance to correct the situation.

1. Any public demonstration of a relationship annoys him, repels and angers

If a man does not want to see her, he will avoid even intersecting anywhere. He will be annoyed and angry in everything. Moreover, he does not want to hug her, kiss in a public place, it can even cause him to attack anger. And all because he was tired of seeing and talking with a woman on the same topics.

2. He jokes about leaving his girlfriend

Every joke has some truth. And if a man jokes regularly on this topic, then there is a chance, albeit a small one, that at some point he will wind himself up, he will get very angry and still do everything he was joking about.

3. The girl has to "tiptoe" so as not to annoy a man

An easy way to find out the relationship to a partner is to trust and test your intuition. If there is a feeling that it is necessary to handle all things with extreme caution, “to tiptoe”, not to make noise and not to creak, so as not to annoy a man, not to anger him, then it is quite possible that he already ate with relationships. To intuition is to listen.

4. He no longer complains about his girlfriend

If a man used to complain very often that she put it wrong, put it wrong there, pointed to constant problems at work, at home, with friends, and then in an instant everything stopped, most women will be happy about it. It would seem cool - the end of the complaints. But this is a sign that the relationship is over. As long as the partners still try to talk, sort things out and plan and continue to build the future, then all is not lost.

5. The man became cold

Communicating with someone you hate is very difficult. A cold male gaze, constantly “icy” mood, unwillingness to talk at all - these are clear signs that a man is tired of a woman and a serious conversation cannot be avoided.

6. He shows his egoism in everything

If everything starts spinning only around a man, this is bad. When all the talk is only when it is convenient for him, his excessive egoism is simply disrespect for his chosen one. And even if a woman makes maximum efforts, she will not be able to change anything - perhaps she should just let him go.

7. He's angry for no reason.

When a woman is annoyed with every little thing and literally infuriates - this is not normal. A man is fed up with a girlfriend. He signals that serious conversation is needed. And while there is even the slightest hope, everything can be fixed.

8. His friends are negative

Negative by his friends is a bad sign. So, the man told his friends all the details of the relationship in details and, perhaps, embellished something strongly. This is very unpleasant for the girl and unflatteringly describes him as a man. A reception that can destroy any relationship forever.

9. He began to spend less time with his beloved

If the couple had previously met often enough, dates were arranged literally instantly, and suddenly it became difficult for a man to make time for a meeting, the woman should think about it. Dates are constantly changing, eternal employment at work and everything is canceled at the last minute - signs that parting is near.

10. Questions about anything

If a man has ceased to be interested in a woman, her achievements, her hobbies, to strive for joint pastime, then he is very tired and the relationship is on the verge.