What do men want from women at 20, 35 and 55

Every person tends to change with age and change their views on life, the opposite sex and relationships. We have repeatedly written about how women change with age and their view of men. Now it's time to talk about what men need from women at one time or another.

20 years

At this age, all men are full of testosterone, and his main desire and need is to get sex. At the same time, they gradually learn to recognize a woman, find out that beauty is not all that you should pay attention to, get burned by unapproachable beauties and sometimes even get depressed, taking many nuances too close to heart.

From 20 to 30 years

Sex ceases to be an unusual event for men, which occurs once a year, and turns into an event that gives pleasure to both partners. During this period, a man suddenly comes up with the idea that a woman can really be a pleasant interlocutor, and, moreover, valuable life experience. They are beginning to understand that a woman does not need a handsome one, as they previously thought, but a strong, loyal and necessarily intelligent man. It is at this point that many become truly adult males. They begin to strive for comfort and stability, so they often marry at this age.

From 35 to 45 years

At this age, the husband often becomes bored at home, and he tries to fulfill his needs on the side. And if it is too much for them, they try to seduce the spouse for any experiments in bed, or they are inclined to break up the relationship. At the same time, as requirements to another woman, not sexual activity is presented, but a minimum of requirements and greater tolerance.

From 45 to 55 years

At this age, men are in search of new emotions. They fear for their “male power” - they still want to have sex, they feel that they are not always capable of it, and this depresses them very much.

A woman at this age becomes a close friend and partner for a man who is able to understand his mood, his desire to be alone and to support him in difficult times. Divorce at this age is rare, and sometimes the husband, having decided on this, then returns to his wife.

After 55 years

At this age, men are very happy if they can bring joy to their woman - he is ashamed of the way he behaved in his youth - he offended, deprived of attention, was jealous. At the same time, the fear of old age lives in him, and he begins to pay attention to young and beautiful girls with special activity - although he already has little idea what he will do with them. But in dealing with young girls, you can, at least for a while, forget about the approaching old age and feel young.