7 exposing male phrases that immediately say that he is deceiving you

Catching a man in a lie is usually quite difficult - they are skillfully disguised, carefully noticing all traces and evidence. But still, ordinary phrases are sometimes able to betray him when he gets out and tells you a lie.

1. "I do not remember what you said."

Usually they say that when they simply want to get out of a delicate situation and expose you to blame. In this case, the man pretends to be a complete idiot who does not remember anything.

2. "We have already discussed this"

A very common phrase if a man wants to get away from an unpleasant conversation and stick his head in the sand.

3. "I always tell you the truth"

But this phrase is just evidence that he shamelessly lies and with clean eyes says that he is the most honest person in the world.

4. "Let's discuss this later."

Direct manipulation to get away from unpleasant conversation for him. As a rule, this “later” never occurs, and the problem is put off indefinitely.

5. "You always complicate things"

Another phrase-accusation, which he is trying to convince you that you put pressure on him. Usually, after her, a woman begins to reproach herself for being too annoying and stops crawling with unnecessary clarifications of relationships. And the man is glad: after all, he sought just that.

6. “You did not understand everything so well”

“And, in general, dear, the fact that you saw me from the other means absolutely nothing. You just do not understand everything, but in fact we are just friends. ”

7. "Let's sit in silence"

When a man realizes that a woman starts a conversation that is completely unfriendly for him, a very advantageous tactic on his part is to simply offer to shut up, citing fatigue. As the saying goes, the wolves are fed and the sheep are safe.