6 phrases for raising men's self-esteem and instilling confidence in him

Men are not always stone walls, which all uneasy. Sometimes they just need support, comfort and understanding. And we can help, of course, we women. Here are 6 examples of how to help a man get out of the state of oppression and torture himself.

1. "You do well so ..."

And then there may be a listing of what your man is successful at. You can call everything from the nailed shelf and put in place shoes, and ending with a wonderful night. Men are very greedy for praise, so compliments in their address are always flattering to hear.

2. “I support you”

Let him know that you are on his side, and fully support him. Let him feel a support in your face and an outstretched helping hand on which you can always rely.

3. "I listen to you"

Let the man know that you not only hear him, but also listen. Do not forget to remind about it and, most importantly, show real interest and attention to what he shares with you.

4. "I accept you completely"

A man should know that you do not want and do not try to change it, taking it for what it is. This is a very important moment of the relationship, which greatly influences male self-esteem - the perception that the woman he loves adequately accepts him with all the positive and negative aspects of the personality.

5. "That girl is looking at you"

Even if it is not, tell the man this phrase. Let him feel himself in demand, desired and causing interest from other people. The realization that you like the opposite sex instantly raises self-esteem and mood.

6. “I love you”

The simplest and most necessary phrase that replaces thousands of words. Just repeat to him that you love him. This will be the best confirmation that you are near and always hold his hand, no matter what happens.