If you have these 5 things in your wardrobe, then you clearly love to collect trash.

When it comes to updating wardrobe, stylists are relentless - it is better to throw away all unnecessary and fill the wardrobe with new fashionable things. Besides the fact that it will save you from the eternal misunderstanding of why your wardrobe is full of things, and you, in fact, have nothing to wear, it will also make you look much more neat and stylish.

So, here are 5 things that stylists advise you to immediately throw away from your wardrobe.

Old socks

Even if these are the ones that Grandma gave you carefully, but which you have already worn out, discard them in favor of the new ones. Now socks - an important detail in the image, and they should be visible. Especially if it is, for example, Gucci socks with rhinestones for 1340 dollars, which the favorite star somehow put on and created a sensation.

Of course, you do not need to buy such expensive socks, but they need to be periodically replaced with new ones in order to look well-groomed.

Faded white t-shirt

White T-shirts are known to be the basic wardrobe item. We understand that when you find the perfect white T-shirt, you wear it constantly and do not even notice that over time it loses its color and even turns yellow. Our advice to you is to periodically update your collection of white T-shirts in order to look win-win in any situation.

Uncomfortable heels

It often happens that we buy shoes only because it is beautiful or on sale, not caring whether it is comfortable or not. As a result, we cannot walk in them, but for some reason we still keep them in our arsenal. Ask yourself the question "why?" And go to a shoe store for a new and truly comfortable shoes with heels.

Jeans that are bad for you

Jeans work for you at any time and for any occasion, and they should fit perfectly on you. If you are uncomfortable in jeans or they sit badly on you - you need to say goodbye to them. By the way, even your favorite jeans may eventually stretch or lose shape after numerous washes, and when this happens, go to the store for new pets.

Scruffy blouses

Delicate blouses often get dirty and wear out quickly, covered with pills. To make your image perfect, worn items in general and old blouses in particular, you should give up - feel free to remove them from your wardrobe, making room for new things.