Nude, cherry or red: which manicure is perfect for your zodiac sign


Resolute and hardworking, ibex often forget to break out of work, which is very tired and irritable.

The color of aquamarine will help you relax, and all shades of blue will raise your spirits day after day. Inspired by the sea, aquatic colors are most appropriate for this sign.


Aquarians are friendly by nature, and the color that was created just for you is eggplant. Energetic bright purple hues confirm your sociability and show the socially active side of life, while the dark ones will show your mysterious personality.


Persistent and bright fish should choose a color that emphasizes their strong character and natural sexuality. Color for your nails: dark cherry. Red shades add severity to you, and graciousness to your hands.


Despite the hot-tempered nature, you are prohibitively smart and special, and this should be emphasized. Your color is shimmering dark blue, it is he who will emphasize that, despite the fact that you have dark sides, you are unusually bright personalities and your brilliance can be seen from far away.


Because you are prone to an overabundance in life, you need stability for the distribution of time, money and emotions. Color for your mood is green: the key for stability, green can help you stay balanced and harmonious.


You always make informed decisions, are supporters of deliberation and planning. Your color is neither black nor white; all shades of gray, including metallic, are the most suitable for you. They will emphasize your balance.


Your character implies constant change, you cannot sit still, and this should be emphasized.

You need lacquers of light shades, whites and milky tones would be more suitable. These colors will remind you of the stability that you lack.

a lion

You need to more often show your creative nature. The color that reflects your hidden qualities is pink gold. Gold is the color of courage and pride, and the rose is the color of generosity and positive. Put it together and get the perfect shade.


Love is in the air. Virgin, as a rule, practical and refined and romantic nature. For everyone around you to see the rock you are gentle time to do a manicure. The color of your inner world is a dusty rose. Pink halftones reflect your romantic and playful mood, and beige your lightness and lightness.


You are a holiday man. All your free time you give people laughter and joy. Every minute with you charges with positive energy.

Color that will not fade in front of your brightness: holographic pink. Pink promotes good mood and lightheadedness, while the rainbow finish is perfect for holiday meetings with your friends.


Your color is rich and authoritative, this deep red color will show your character traits, such as balance, power and control. This color is good because it can be not only impudent and passionate, but also strict, exposing all the leadership skills inherent in you.


Strelets Troops are known for their organization and punctuality, but sometimes you need to put fun into your life.

Choose a color that will remind you to enjoy life. Yellow shades will give you a feeling of happiness and ease.