15 things that magnificent women should never do in their personal lives


In our society, female fullness is perceived critically: society invents all the new restrictions and “not allowed”, addressed to the ladies with magnificent forms. These women are imposed "norms of behavior", created by someone who is not clear, but with one goal - to indicate to them "their place" in this world.

Here is a list of 15 "no" and "must", invented for an appetizing or fat woman:

You can not wear a seductive outfit

It's funny, but a confident girl in her body will have to change the style of clothes in order to please completely strangers? Unconfident and not as happy as she is.

You can not go to the beach in a swimsuit

There is an opinion in society that if a full girl goes to the beach in a bathing suit, everyone will pay attention to her lush hips and their mood will spoil. If she wants to swim, she needs to go for a single swim in the pool, and it is advisable to swim there without light.

But how is it possible in the hot summer to keep from swimming in the sea? And the fact that a woman is full does not deprive her of the right to enjoy the same things that ladies of slender stature use.

You can not meet with handsome men

Full girls everywhere and around infringe. It is believed that even if such a girl liked a nice guy, he should still meet only with a thin one. Bullshit. Men like what they like. If a man likes a girl, he will not pay attention to the fact that she is pyshechka.

You can not eat like everyone else

Often in a restaurant or cafe, visitors can discuss a full woman sitting at a nearby table: “Doesn't she understand that she already has enough to eat ?!”

All people need to eat to live. And complete as well. And if a plump woman in public eats something more nourishing than lettuce leaves, you cannot blame her for that. So wrong.

You can not publish a beautiful selfie

It is considered normal when slender girls take selfies from different angles. While the full spread only one good shot, and they are accused of hiding everything else.

Yes, nothing can be done, many are naturally more seductive, they make beautiful selfies. They just share their beauty with others.

You can not wear seductive lingerie

For some reason, it is considered that the lush body is less attractive than slender. Because of this, many girls in beautiful lingerie are shy of their bodies. All opponents of magnificent forms should remember once and for all: fullness can also be seductive for men, it is worth to come to terms with it.

Must be in good physical shape

It is believed that full girls do not play sports, do not work on themselves, and therefore gain weight.

Many plump girls do several times a week in the gym and will be able to outrun many slim guys on the run. But at the same time their weight for 80 kg. Like this.

Can not be successful

Some say that a fat girl does not deserve to run their own business and become successful in business. The weight and size of women's clothing has nothing to do with her dignity and does not affect her success.

You can not get pregnant and give birth

Many plump girls think they don’t deserve to be allowed to take responsibility for another’s life. It sounds paradoxical.

No one can forbid full girls to have children. Any girl, plump or thin, has every right to have a family, become pregnant and give birth. This is her body and her choice.

Must urgently lose weight

Many times pyshechki heard about themselves the phrase: "You can not lose weight. Of course, who would be fat then? ”

The decision to go on a diet, go to the gym, run in the mornings, and in general, what to do with her body, each girl takes herself - this is her choice. And her decision should not affect the attitude towards her as a person.

Leggings are banned

Surrounding often plump girls make comments: "No one wants to see your fat ass."

Yes, they wear leggings. They have a round, strong, large, and they can wear whatever they want.

You can not love and be loved

Often they say about plump ones: “She doesn’t like herself, that’s how she’s plumped up, how will she love someone?”

Can not a full person love yourself, your weight, your way of life? Can. And very much. May love their complete brothers and sisters sincerely and mutually. And the one who says this most likely does not love himself.

Can't expect a humane attitude towards yourself

Sometimes in a crowd you can hear the following: “If a girl wants to be treated normally, she needs to put her weight, her appearance in order and look like everyone else. And here it is immediately clear that you do not want this. ”

By weight it is impossible to measure the similarity to a particular person and it is impossible to determine the attitude towards someone. We are all human and equally worthy of respectful attitude to ourselves, regardless of weight, height or age.

May not experience pain and grief

If a plump girl stumbles and falls, most of the people around just scoff, consider her a clown, not realizing that she is also a man and hurts her because of ridicule.

For some reason everyone pays attention only to weight and the fact that a girl differs from the majority in her forms. This difference does not give the same rights to others to mock her - she also knows how to feel pain, grief and embarrassment. And she, like everyone, needs support. No one can judge her, because he is not in her place, does not face the problems that she faces every day.

In vain takes place on this planet

They say that if a woman is also fat, it is a double blow. Especially when she refuses to live by generally accepted standards.

When a girl because of her large size does not fit the standards of beauty imposed by society, she is largely denied. Here it is impossible, there it is impossible. It is difficult to be a woman anyway, but it can be completely impossible to be plump.

Ill-mannered and cruel people can throw such a lady that it is better for her to disappear. Do not fade! Such an opinion is just stereotypes imposed on someone by someone, they change. And each of us is unique in its own way. And you have to be yourself - lush, beautiful, tender, sensitive, kind, the strongest, the most attractive, and then everything will turn out.