If a man fulfills your 10 requests, then he is weak and miserable

Men are ready for many things for women. But there are requests that can harm your relationship. These are the requests that humiliate a man contrary to his nature. This is what you should not ask a man:

Change your appearance

Unobtrusively motivating a man to work on himself is one thing. But quite another thing is to ask him to change his appearance if he does not want this. To grow or shave hair, make a manicure or hair removal, get a tattoo with your name - if these and similar changes in appearance are not in the character of your man - never ask him about it.

Do not chat with friends

Male friendship is almost sacred. With his friends can communicate a lot: common interests, memories, emotional baggage. Perhaps their strong friendship developed before he met you. Therefore, even if you do not like his friend - you should not demand that the man did not communicate with him.

Give up hobbies

Each of us has the right to realize ourselves through our interests. Your man may well have a hobby or hobby in which you do not participate. This is normal and even good for relationships when partners have some interests outside the pair. Hunting, fishing, football, philately - any hobby of your man should be respected by you.

Share your interests

You may also have interests in which your partner does not participate. A man has the right not to separate them and not to participate in them if he does not want this. You should not ask him to go with you to choreography, ikebana courses, or to a meeting of the literary club. It is quite natural that he will refuse you if he is not interested.

Choose between you and his mom

“Either I or she!” - to raise the question in this way, when it comes to the relationship of a man with his mother, only a stupid woman can. A real man should listen to his wife, take her side in controversial issues, but force him to make a choice impossible. Parents are an integral part of the life of any person, problems in relations with parents are disastrous for the psyche. And besides, try to put yourself in his mother's place, how would you feel if your son acted with you as well.

To fulfill your every whim

Suppress a man, force him to fulfill any even the most absurd caprice can also only an extremely stupid woman. To force a man to do something against his will, be it a shopping trip or a job change, it means degrading his dignity, denying him independent decision-making. This man will not allow this to treat.

Do not pay attention to other women

This is not just extremely stupid, but simply impossible. Attention to the opposite sex, to beautiful women is simply embedded in the genetic program of any normal man. It is better to accept this fact and use it as an incentive to work on yourself and your relationships than to ask the man for the impossible.

Pretend to be not

You should not ask a man to wear a formal suit for an event, if he is used to jeans and a T-shirt. Or do not need to drag on the introvert homebody's noisy party. In short, if you want your man to look like someone else for your friends or acquaintances, then it is better to look for this other man, because a real man will not pretend. Appreciate it for its qualities.

Share your likes and dislikes

We all have the right to our own opinion about this or that person. Therefore, it is quite natural that a man may not like your girlfriend, or vice versa - he may feel sympathy for someone who annoys you. You can influence his communication with these people, but demand that he share your feelings irrationally.

Listen to gossip

No need to turn a man into your girlfriend, with whom you share all the secrets. The vast majority of men do not tolerate gossip and gossip, so do not demand from him that he listened to the entire flow of information that you are ready to tell him. If you feel that you want to chat with someone, it is better to call a friend than to irritate your man.

Do not ask a man to do these things and maintain harmony in relationships and deserve his appreciation.