If you go on a business trip alone, remember these 3 rules.

Women traveling alone remain the main trend in travel. Studies have shown that 72% of women want to travel alone, while among men this figure is only 27%. In addition, according to a study conducted by for Business, 76% of women use the opportunity to extend a business trip for the purpose of rest.

In connection with this trend, a whole range of digital tools and communities have emerged that aim to make traveling for such women more comfortable.

Here are three tips to help you safely and fruitfully conduct a business trip alone.

Find a like minded person

Sites like Maiden Voyage unite women traveling on business and motivate them to go beyond the conference room and hotel room to use their time abroad most effectively.

The site provides a variety of services, including city guides and recommendations for choosing hotels. All of them are designed to help women safely explore new cities in the company of like-minded people. And such mobile applications as Present allow a businesswoman to find each other nearby for personal and professional interests.

Safety first

According to a report by the Global Business Travel Association, women feel less protected when traveling for business — only 55% of women feel safe compared to 63% of men. Therefore, hotels and airlines are increasingly taking this into account in their proposals.

For example, the domestic airline Vistara, whose head office is located in Delhi, among other measures to protect travelers, launched a new service, which guarantees that they will not be allocated an uncomfortable seat in the middle between two passengers.

Stay in a trusted place

With real-time tools such as for Business, travelers can confidently book a proven and suitable accommodation facility that has been approved by other guests. for business publishes various accommodation options and surrounding areas.

Today, women have access to new opportunities and benefits in both business and personal travel. With which digital tools you can truly enjoy your independence and the freedom to travel alone.