5 stereotypes about a woman who are long overdue

Now there is a lot of talk about equal rights for men and women. Especially in this regard, indignant men, who, they say, "infringe" now in the rights. Fortunately, not all men hold this opinion - very, very many people agree that women have the right to self-development and their own opinions, but there are still a lot of men with an excess of testosterone, who believe that women should know their place.

In addition, it is very difficult for society to get rid of its prejudices on this topic. And even now, in the 21st century, stereotypes still exist, which, it seems, it was time to give up.

Home is the duty of a woman

Yes, yes, still a duty. A woman should cook, clean, wash - and if she does all this, then it is considered normal. Even she didn’t deserve gratitude for it - she owes it! But if he suddenly refuses - “what kind of woman is this!” And what is this? The woman who chose a career? Well, this is her personal decision. And despite such a decision, she quite has the right to be happy in a relationship.

And if suddenly a man will cook? Yes, he is a hero! How lucky his woman is, everyone thinks. And then the question arises - what is the wife doing, if the husband is cooking?

Children - the duty of a woman

A single father causes sympathy and admiration. His wife is not good for nothing, he left him and the children, but he, the hero, did not abandon them and take care. What about a single mother? Yes, she, probably, rare grymza, that the man ran away from her! Also requires something - some benefits. You can not contain, there was nothing to give birth.

And to raise children - there is nothing complicated at all. So, of course, men think that they spend a couple of hours with children on weekdays and half a day on weekends. No sections, meetings and other nuances, of course, do not count. After all, taking care of children is also a woman’s duty, and a man only does a favor. And for this he needs to be thanked and appreciated.

A woman should not have many men

Because if it has, then this woman is worthless. Which of her would be a wife, mother? So it will walk. And this is the most polite that will say in the address of such a woman. What about men? And the man who walks is macho. He has a lot of women, because he is in demand, which means he is cool. In addition, he is a man, and he needs to satisfy his natural needs (women obviously don’t have them).

What is even more curious is that if a man and a woman have a romance that does not end with a relationship, then for a man it is good - experience and all that, and for a woman - it’s bad, why go down this way?

A woman is to blame for family problems.

Of course, woman, who else? Not a man, after all. It was the woman who overlooked, was not inspired, did not send where necessary. The weather in the house is also the direct responsibility of a woman, and for her failure to do so, she is faced with the condemnation of society. Even if a man is a selfish, jealous and self-confident type, a woman will still be to blame for the problems.

Woman at work - not the most desirable employee

If a man (who has two children) and a woman (who has one child) comes to work, then most likely they will take a man. Because he has a family, he is motivated to earn as much money as possible for his family (the breadwinner after all). And the woman will constantly ask for leave, go to the hospital, to the meeting and so on. Because taking care of a child is the responsibility of a woman.

If a woman builds a career, then she is not lucky in love

Perhaps one of the most offensive stereotypes. Among women, talented people are no less than among men. But for some reason, it is normal for men to build a career, and for a woman, this is just a replacement for her unsettled personal life.

Whatever men may say about how women actually live well, not one of them has ever been in our place. And here we were. Women who cope with the hard work of men, dragging the whole family on themselves (and sometimes even the husband), make a career and lead the team, are quite common. And they, most often, do not complain. But why, in response, they can not get the same understanding, and the same gratitude as men?