3 reasons not to trust the man you love

Trust is one of the basic components in a relationship. Trusting a person, we become defenseless before him. Revealing all your secrets and secrets, it is better to be 100% sure that you will not be betrayed and do not use this information against you. It is impossible to be so confident in another person, especially in a man, and therefore it’s not worthwhile to open completely. Sometimes it can be dangerous, even if you love this man, and here's why:

Love can distort perception

If you love a man, then you idealize him. You may think that he has no flaws. Plus to these psychological attitudes comes a whole cocktail of hormones with which the brain fills the body of a man in love. This combination is dangerous in that you may lose your guard. It may well be that this man is not credible. His actions or words will speak about this, but you simply won't notice it.

Before you open a man, stop for a moment. Give yourself a pause - the opportunity to calmly think. Try to look at the man with a “sober” look, analyze his actions towards you or other people who trusted him. Be sure to ask yourself how honest he is with you. If you have any doubts, you should keep your secrets to yourself.

Man can change

Even if you think that you know a person thoroughly, this does not negate the fact that people change. There is nothing permanent, it applies to man. Under the influence of circumstances, a person changes, gains experience and behavior skills in certain situations. And not always these changes for the better. A man can become tougher, more cynical, meaner.

You cannot predict exactly how your man will be in a year, three or five years, so you shouldn’t trust him blindly. It will save you from disappointments in the future.

Trust can be used against you

Fully opening up to people, you not only become defenseless, but also give them the opportunity to manipulate you. Too gullible people are often deceived by fraudsters, simply dishonest people from their environment. Their gullibility is often used to literally sit on their necks.

Learn to filter such people, especially men. After all, a huge number of scammers and cheaters are masterly able, as they say, “to get into trust”. You should definitely stay away from such people, but if they are in your environment, then it’s stupid to trust them with your own secrets or personal information.

Of course, this is not a reason to suspect everyone around and scare men away with their suspicion. But it is an occasion to think twice before relaxing with respect to this or that man, and trust him completely.

Trust is great, this is what you want to strive for in a relationship. But it is important to remember that this is a mutual process. And therefore, if you do not feel frankness on the part of your man, then you do not need to be the first to begin to reduce the distance. Trust is deserved by the time and deeds that a man commits. In the end, it just insures you against negative experiences and disappointments. Deceived trust causes great moral suffering. And it is doubly insulting later to realize that we ourselves could have avoided this if we had not so blindly trusted the man who had betrayed us.

Agree, it's nice to know that our peace of mind is in our hands. Only we can dispose of them, carefully keeping our secrets and "weak points". Well, besides, there must always be some mystery in the woman. So why not combine these two things: the zest and your peace of mind.