If you have noticed these 5 features in your character, then you are a strong woman.

Modern life forces women to be strong. Not everyone puts the correct meaning in this definition. Meanwhile, a strong woman and a bitch is not the same thing. A strong woman may well be kind and loving, caring and understanding. Those qualities that distinguish a strong woman, help her to achieve success in her career and personal life, to be in demand among men and to avoid disappointments in life.

Love to yourself

A strong woman takes care of herself. This applies to both appearance and internal state. Sometimes it is worth considerable forces to push away external circumstances and take time for yourself. And yet, without self-love it is hardly possible to achieve success, because without nourishing your internal resources can run out.

This also applies to appearance. A strong woman stands out in the crowd. She is bright, well-groomed and stylish. Because, as a rule, a strong woman achieves considerable success and occupies a leading position in her career. And this provision requires it to look appropriate.

The ability to say "no"

This character trait is very closely related to self-love. How often we are afraid to offend the interlocutor, from the desire to be good for everyone, we agree on what we really do not want. A strong woman knows how to give up what she does not need, because she values ​​her time and her strength. Do not waste out of use.

This quality is useful for developing for everyone, not only for strong women. The ability to leave on time and say no will save not only your time, but also your nerves.

Independence from the opinions of others

A strong woman does not care what others think about her, she does not depend on what others think. She is above it. Public opinion will never be decisive for her. First of all, she is guided by her own interests and the interests of her relatives and only their opinion is important to her.


A strong woman knows what she wants and is firmly moving towards her goal. Even if failures follow the path to the goal, a strong woman is different in that she does not give up. Failures can not knock it out of the rut, and become an incentive to search for other ways and non-standard solutions.

Desire to grow

In business, in relationships, in self-development - everywhere a strong woman is looking for ways to become better. A strong woman is in a constant process of improving her skills, she is open to new information and knowledge.

Work on yourself, no matter how difficult it is, is not a problem for a strong woman, but becomes a source of satisfaction and energy. Self-development for a strong woman is not an end in itself. This is a way to achieve new and new results.

These five traits indicate that you are a strong woman. This can bring you both success and trouble. Men are often afraid of strong women, and it so happens that a beautiful and successful strong woman is left alone. Of course, this is no reason to give up all the advantages that these qualities give you. Everything needs a balance. Allow yourself to sometimes be weak, give a man the opportunity to care for you.