5 models of outerwear for those who got used to the classics

We are lucky: today we can not combine in clothing, not to match the color of the bag under the shoes, mix styles as we like. Even in a basic wardrobe, you can add a parka and combine it with sneakers and a pleated skirt or a classic jacket with a shirt with a bright print. Therefore, if you are tired of the classics, boldly experiment. Today, clothing is a great way to express yourself and lift your spirits.

Modern Park

Parka - outerwear, originally created by the indigenous peoples of the north to protect against frost, wind and snow, has become widespread in modern fashion. Designers use the latest technology, materials and modern design. Comfortable outerwear that perfectly protects from capricious weather. A distinctive detail of this jacket - a large number of pockets: external, overhead and internal. Previously, the park was worn solely as protection from the cold. Today it is fashionable to wear a jacket with romantic flowing dresses, overalls, long skirts, shorts and pants.
Park Z-Design, .Park Z-Design,.

Down jacket dress

In the Soviet Union, it was clothing for polar explorers, climbers, climbers, and in general for people who worked in harsh climatic conditions. The first decided to give femininity down jacket was Yves Saint Laurent. He sought to create a down jacket more subtle and elegant thing that can emphasize the female figure. Today the down-padded coat is a jacket on down which can be worn as in the spring, in the fall, and in the winter. It retains its warmth elegantly, is easily erased, there are no traces of snow and rain on modern down-padded fabrics, this quality allows to use for outdoor activities, the down jacket does not restrain movements. Incredible trend of this year - down jacket-dress.
Incity down jacket,. Incity down jacket,.


Raincoat has the ability to repel water and resist gusts of wind. This raincoat is indispensable in the cool off-season and rainy spring. The material for it served as a dense, waterproof polyurethane. Model straight cut. Interesting details: zip, built-in hood with drawstring, two side pockets.
Noisy May Cloak, Noisy May Cloak,.

Free poncho

Poncho will be an excellent replacement or alternative to a spring coat. Its distinctive feature is a free cut and the absence of sleeves, in fact, they are a piece of fabric of a round or square shape with a cutout for the head, can be hinged or not. The undoubted advantage of a poncho is that they feel comfortable with the owners of various figures. Fashionable silhouette successfully masks any flaws. Soft products of free cut from knitwear will replace the long-boring cardigans, jackets, windbreakers. Loose styles allow you to experiment, you can add a cape with leggings, skinny jeans, leggings, ankle boots with high heels or loafers and the created image will become truly fashionable and luxurious.
Poncho LC Waikiki, 499 rub.Poncho LC Waikiki, 499 rub.

Long vest

As a heater the synthetic winterizer or down is usually used. Popular quilted vests made of waterproof fabric to protect against rain and wind. Elegant look elongated model restrained color. They put it on under a coat, on a coat, on a leather jacket, and with a thick sweater, even for winter weather. The vest can be worn with a t-shirt or sweatshirt if it is warm outside.
Vest Finn Flare,. Vest Finn Flare,.