4 rules of nutrition and 7 secrets of drinking regime, which will urgently bring you into shape

How to eat?

Some try not to eat before playing sports, but this is a big mistake. About an hour before a workout, it’s just necessary to eat. The caloric content of this meal should be about 200 kilocalories. This may be carbohydrate foods, such as salad or slices of sliced ​​fruit. If you are going to work out intensively, do not interfere with a small amount of protein.

It is recommended to take food within 20-30 minutes after training. Nutrition after exercise plays an important role in restoring strength and energy. You can drink a protein shake and eat fast or slow carbohydrates. It is desirable to refuse fats after sports loads in the next hour.

  • Within two hours of the end of the workout, eat something high in protein;
  • For the same 2 hours, you can drink 700 ml of mineral water without gas to recover;
  • Do not deliberately starve;
  • Cottage cheese, chicken breasts, white fish fillets, egg whites will be eaten.

Carbohydrates provide the body with energy. In the period after a workout, the body has a shortage of carbohydrates and muscle tissue begins to break down. It is advisable to use fast carbohydrates. It is necessary to raise the level of insulin for the normal course of anabolic and anti-catabolic processes.

Depending on the intensity of your classes and weight, the rate is 60−100 carbohydrates.

Products containing carbohydrates: buckwheat, rice, barley, oatmeal, pasta from durum, bran bread, bananas, fresh, honey in small quantities.

Protein shake best restores muscle after exercise. You can use other products. The recommended rate of 20−30 grams of protein for 1 time after exercise. Products containing proteins: chicken fillet, turkey fillet, egg whites or scrambled eggs, fish, seafood, cottage cheese 0.5%.

How to drink?

  • A couple of hours before class it is better to drink up to half a liter of water;
  • Just 10 minutes before the start of another 200 g;
  • During the workout you need to drink every 20 minutes, 200 ml;
  • After training, you can drink after 15 minutes;
  • The total amount of water consumed is recommended to be regulated only by your own feeling of thirst;
  • At times it is better not to consume more than 300 ml;
  • At least 15-minute breaks should be taken.

You should not choose sweet water, as it contains a lot of sugar, and this minimizes the effect after exercise.

These simple recommendations and tips will help make workouts more effective, and the figure is more effective.