4 steps towards the perfect skin that make all geisha

Aging is inevitable for everyone, wrinkles will begin to appear where they once were not, and hair will begin to turn gray. But there is a way to accept the aging phase gracefully with the help of basic care procedures.

Geishas are not supporters of complex care, they believe that 3-4-4 steps are needed for the skin, which will delay old age.


The cleansing step is the most important. To clean the skin properly, geisha focused on two important steps: removing makeup with cleansing oil, and then peeling with rice powder. The oil is the most suitable product for the skin, because you do not injure the layers of the skin and qualitatively remove particles of dust and dirt, which due to the environment are deposited on your face.


As for peeling, geisha stay away from abrasive products, preferring softer products. They never use anything that could pull or scratch the skin. They use rice powder that foams and is enzymatic. Your skin is very delicate, and you should care for it with the help of soft products that will not bring uncomfortable sensations.

Just to clear the skin is 90% success.


Another important step in cleansing is tonic. Choose a tonic based on your skin type, it will help gently remove the remaining impurities from the skin and prepare it for the next step.


The final step in geisha care ritual is hydration. Cream or skin balm is needed at any time of the year, these products nourish the skin and even out the complexion.

Not only geishas, ​​but also many cosmetology experts advise not to complicate and not oversatuate the skin with various cosmetic products.