5 shameful mistakes made by women wearing underwear

It would seem, what's the difference, how and what to wear underwear, because under the clothes it is still not visible. If you think so too, you are deeply mistaken. Improperly chosen underwear can make your image much worse than it could be.

Squeeze the chest in too tight bra

If you think that the cleavage because of this will take more seductive forms, then you are wrong. First, a tight chest under clothing will look unnatural. Secondly, this approach will definitely affect your comfort, and, accordingly, gait and posture. Comfortable bra of its own size - a more competent decision, and the effect of this will be much better.

Wear textured linen under tight clothes

Textured linen looks interesting and attractive, but if you wear clothes that fit snugly to your body, this is not the best choice. And why, in fact, those around you know that you have a lace bra and a bow on your underpants? In our opinion, this information is absolutely superfluous and does not correspond to the dress code. For every day it is better to choose the perfect smooth set in one tone.

Fit erotic kit in everyday wardrobe

Sumptuous bustier or stockings with garters - the perfect tool for seduction. But in everyday wardrobe, or, even worse, in the office, they are completely irrelevant. You are not going to seduce the chief, are you? But the worst thing you can do is wear erotic corsets in everyday looks. This is certainly not stylish.

Wear a regular bra with an open back

Things with an open back enjoy the great attention of men. Of course, the back is one of the sexiest places on a woman’s body. But there is it, but - it is worth wearing such a dress or top either without a bra, or selecting a special transforming bra for it. If you put on a thing with an open back and a usual bra, it will not only ruin the whole image, but will look anti-styled.

Close the eyes to the seams

If you like super-lightweight things, then you should choose special seamless underwear for them. But the usual panties under the fitting dress or skirt will not look the best way. Such an approach is difficult to call seductive. Most likely, the sticking out seams will spoil the effect of the fitting dress.