10 tricks to interest a man without showing his feelings for him


Surely many women had such situations when, after the first few dates, men became bored. Communication became strained, because of what girls are always nervous even more.

It would seem that everything was good during the meetings, but at one point something went wrong. The man became not so active to behave as before. He may not answer the call or message, and if he answers, he does not give a direct answer to the meeting offer. First of all, you should understand whether it is caused by the obsession of the girl: for example, her hourly messages in the messenger, constant viewing of his pages in social networks to find out what he thinks about her.

Of course, send her a man a sms reply, or he invited her to a date, their relationship would long ago have moved to a new level, and a woman would not have gone into such extremes. But if he had found out about what she was capable of in order to get his attention, he would have fled from her long ago.

There are several tricks to arouse a man’s sincere interest, while not expressing his desperate desire to start a relationship with him.

More confidence

Makeup, clothes, gait - it's all wrong. Men are more attracted to women with healthy self-esteem. We must show ourselves intelligent, beautiful, successful, attractive, and that the girl knows her worth. The main thing is not to overdo it, to be not arrogant, but simply self-confident.

Hobbies that “revive” the soul

No matter how much a couple already meets, do not give up their hobbies and hobbies that make your eyes sparkle in a new way. If they have a different choice, that's great! You can share the enthusiasm they cause. It is pleasant for a man to be near a girl who does not destroy, but creates.

Don't flirt

Of course, the girl and her chosen one should try to play volleyball, football, tennis together, try the taste of love games. At the same time, manipulative games should be avoided - it always repels.

Proximity is not a reward or punishment.

Many women use the intimate side of relationships as a reward or punishment, thereby making a huge mistake. When a man gets what he wants, he will not be interested in anything else.

A pleasant surprise

Surprises prolong passion and add spark to relationships. But it's not about drama or crazy act. You can surprise with a picnic in the living room, a trip out of town or a trip to the children's attractions. It is necessary to show creativity - to surprise a loved one!

No fiction

99% of quarrels and conflicts arise on the background of the fact that someone has thought of something for someone. What was not really. In this case, it is better to ask the partner if it is true that this was the case, and what happened next. So both will begin to understand each other much better.

Confide in a man

Relationships are destined to experience different things. No matter what, the girl should let go of past explosive emotions and suspicions. And if it works out, open up and trust the man.

Flirt more often

All the girls probably remember well how it was pleasant and fun when for the first time a man turned his attention to their playful comments, glance and touch? Each pair has its own style of flirting, therefore it is necessary to flirt sincerely and often - this supports passion.

Be interested in man

Sincere curiosity on the part of the girl is much more important than her planned witty comments. It is real, it shows as much as possible that a man is interesting to her, not indifferent, attractive. It should be openly shown that I want to know more about him.

Find yourself

There is nothing more seductive for a man than a woman who was able to realize herself, to find her place in life. No relationship can determine the essence of a girl, express or hide her. She must assert herself, no one can do it for her. But this is exactly what attracts.

This is what will make a man write to the girl first, call and return each time for something more.