The most ridiculous national signs in which we still believe

It’s so established, we all tend to believe in otherworldly forces and their influence on our destiny. And, perhaps, this cannot be changed, because obedience to the supernatural is rooted deep in the past. We pay attention to the number of flowers in the bouquets, we fear the number 13 and intuitively classifies black in the color of mourning. But are all the signs really that important, maybe some of them only make our lives harder?

Broken mirror - expect 8 years of unhappiness

Until now, many of us are afraid to break the mirror, because, according to the law signs, in the next few years we should not expect anything good. Is it really? In essence, this is nothing but echoes of the past. For a long time our ancestors believed in the magical power of the mirror, therefore the broken fragments were considered to be a kind of symbol of the broken fate. It is not necessary to attach great importance to this will, but just take a broom and sweep the whole "unfortunate fate" in the trash.

Put the bag on the floor - become poor

This sign still lives and flourishes. Here and there you can only hear: “Do not put a bag on the floor, there will be no money!” In general, money in itself has many myths, unusual stories and rituals. The bag case is one of them. Most likely, this omen calls us to the fact that finance should be treated with all seriousness and accuracy.

Take out the trash at night looking - to trouble

Garbage should be taken out only in the daytime! Otherwise, expect big trouble. Garbage itself is associated with dirt, impurities, and lack of clarity. And it is better to get rid of all this immediately, without leaving for later. Therefore, do not wait for the evening to go in the trash, throw garbage in the morning. Well, or in the afternoon.

Sprinkle salt - to quarrel

Everyone knows this for a long time, so you need to be very careful with salt. This omen has gone since the time when salt was a rare, valuable and very expensive product, therefore, having scattered it, of course, it was impossible to avoid a quarrel: so much money was wasted!

You can not pass anything through the threshold - wait for trouble

In addition, you can not talk, kiss and hug, standing on the threshold. This omen came to us from pagan times, when dead ancestors were buried under the threshold of the house. Hence the custom, so as not to disturb the departed, not to perform any action through the threshold.

To meet a woman with an empty bucket - to death

Of course, now few people walk the streets with buckets, but this sign still has a place to live. It used to be that an empty bucket must necessarily be filled with something, and if this does not happen, the void takes the energy of the person who meets on the way. Why a woman with an empty bucket? It was women who since ancient times were attributed to the features and abilities of witches. Hence the fear of meeting her - you will lose the most expensive thing: “fly away” into a bucket, and that’s that.

A woman sits on the corner of the table - will not marry

Again, this sign has got us since pagan times. At that time, it was believed that the corners collect negative energy from the whole house, therefore, you sit on the corner - you absorb all the negative. And for a young woman it also meant to remain without his own corner, that is, not to get married.