What you need in order to find true love according to your zodiac sign



You need to learn to moderate your ardor and behave more modestly. You always hurry somewhere and lose sight of important things. Slow down a little. Learn to live in the present And enjoy the moment without thinking through each of your next steps. Love inadvertently descends when you do not expect it at all.


Learn to weaken your protective barrier a little. You protect yourself too much. Surrounding people even avoid you because of detached and cautious behavior. Because of this, it is sometimes very difficult to find a common language with you. You want to love, but you have difficulty with at least letting a stranger into your life. Unleash your feelings and do not be afraid to be hurt.


Twins are very afraid to be attached to someone. Stop to be afraid, to show indecision and to doubt everything and everyone. Just try to make a decision and not retreat from it. It is unlikely that you can consider your chances of finding love successful if you refuse to even try. In order to succeed, you need to devote yourself to them a hundred.


Yes, you have already suffered enough from the partings and in the past have experienced a lot of failures, but it is time to stop worrying about it, gather the will into a fist and move on. No one will ever love you as you deserve if you constantly feel sorry for yourself.

a lion

Lions are known for their self-confidence and incredible pride. You can not live in the shadows and always strive to gain universal attention. However, until you can limit your ego a little, you will not see a relationship. How are you going to live with someone, if you are not ready to give this person a little bit of space?


Learn to go beyond your comfort zone, gaining comfortable confidence where you have always experienced discomfort. If you will always be in a familiar and comfortable environment for you, you will never find what you are looking for. Sooner or later you will have to act spontaneously in order to find what you want.


You should not desperately seek a relationship just because you are afraid to be alone. It is important to understand that relationships are not a panacea for any problems. You must find comfort by being alone with yourself. No one wants to meet you just because you are uncomfortable being alone. Relationships are primarily about love.


Stop pulling the baggage of previous unsuccessful relationships in each new one. Let the past remain forever in history. Look to the future and live in the present. You can never find true love unless you get rid of oppressive hatred and resentment.


You must stop rushing in every relationship. Learn to be patient and let things develop in their own way. Remember that you can not force anyone to love yourself. Allow your relationship to go through all the necessary stages, do not force their development. Nothing good will come of it anyway.


Capricorns have always tended to take themselves too seriously. Try to give free rein to the senses, relax, and let go of the control of certain things. Allow yourself to enjoy life. No one will ever want to have a relationship with someone who is constantly focused.


Aquarius, mostly introverts. However, this circumstance should not prevent them from finding their love. It is important to learn not to shut yourself in one hundred percent, to make contact, as if at times strange and uncomfortable, while you did not feel. Only in this way can you find your true love.


Get rid of all unnecessary thoughts. It's all over the fact that you just izvedet yourself. Stop doubting yourself because you are an attractive and pleasant person. Everyone around him is literally dying to be with you. All you have to do is let go of the situation and allow the occasion to determine further developments.