12 signs that your man wants to part with you

In any relationship, there are ups and downs. And, of course, women should not immediately sound the alarm if their man responded to their message at the wrong time. However, there are things that a truly loving man would never do. If you notice in your relationship these 12 things in the behavior of a man, then be prepared for the fact that he wants to part with you.

You are no longer a priority.

You can feel it when you see that a man does not want to spend time with you and is looking for various reasons and trivial excuses to be at home less often with you. About joint dates and speech is not. He feeds you with empty promises, but never comes to meet you.

There is a gap between you

It seems to you that you are separated by thousands of miles, although you are sitting in the same room? The conversation does not stick and you both feel like strangers to each other? All this speaks of the emotional distance that separates you from each other. Rare and short telephone conversations, superficial communication, meetings “as an obligation” also testify to him. As a result, the distance between you becomes so large that your connection just breaks.

Your man says weird cliches

Here are some examples: “Maybe we just shouldn’t be together,” “Relationship shouldn’t be such a big job,” or “Maybe we’re just too different.” All this is a sure sign that a man is trying in a roundabout way to hint to you that it is time for you to part.

He slowly but surely retreats

He rarely answers your calls, rarely and later comes home, and when he comes, he immediately falls asleep, referring to a hard working day. Gradually, you become colder towards each other and slowly but surely napavlyaesya to divorce.

He is not interested in how your day went.

Healthy relationships are, above all, healthy communication, mutual support and interest in each other. The man’s lack of interest in what is happening to you, as well as his lack of desire to share with you what is happening in his life, is a clear sign that he is going to end his relationship with you.

Do you have a constant sense of fear

It is about the fear that your beloved will leave you. You subconsciously feel that something is wrong and that your man is moving away from you. You notice how a man with you is callous and rude, how indifferent and inattentive you are and as if he does everything to spite you. This all signals that he wants to end the relationship.

You no longer make passionate dates

This means that you have no previous emotional and physical contact. Lack of physical contact and sex is one of the main indicators that a man intends to leave you.

If you go for a walk together, then always with a group of friends

The man tries to limit the time you spend alone, and always plans a weekend with a big company: he does not want to be alone with you for long.

He often began to argue with you

Couples who are kind to each other and loyal, do without serious disputes and turn even big problems into small ones. Everything happens the other way around when someone alone no longer wants to be in a relationship. If a man is less patient and more inclined to argue with you, then this is a serious sign that he wants to leave.

He puts himself in a defensive position.

When you say that his behavior towards you has changed, he begins to defend himself and argue his actions. He again takes the arrows on you.

He turns into a "ghost"

Communication with him becomes more and more vague, he gradually disappears from your life emotionally and physically.

He no longer plans with you for the future.

If a man refuses to discuss with you plans for the next month or even a week, this is not a sign that he does not have them - this is a sign that you are not part of them.