Aromas that give birth to men and, conversely, repel.

Fresh and fun

Many men admitted that they like it when women smell like they just left the shower. In other words, they like fresh aromas with floral and green notes.

Save desserts for the kitchen

Oddly enough, men do not believe that women should smell like desserts. Chocolate flavors do not greatly attract men. But vanilla flavors - the exception. The sweet aroma of vanilla in the combination of musk is a real hit on many men’s personal favorite perfume list.

Woody and green notes are surprisingly tempting.

Do not set the perfume aside if the label indicates musky, spicy or woody notes. You, probably, think that these are men's notes, but in reality such multi-layered aromas on women smell especially well - and they will surely conquer a man. Pepper flavors give rise to men even more than floral and powdery flavors - keep in mind!

Be skeptical of luscious floral scents

This may surprise you - but very few men find solo floral aromas attractive. Even the fragrance with notes of rose seems to many men to be too “old woman”.

Instead, try flavors with lily of the valley - they, according to research, do not cause any unflattering associations in men.

Multifaceted fragrances win

Men prefer complex scents the most - those that combine notes from different families. For example, floral, sweet vanilla, spicy and woody. Such flavors, according to men, sound very expensive. Take note!

Mandarin and orange - very seductive

According to research, fresh orange notes are one of those that make men the most. Pick a scent that combines citrus notes with soft floral chords - and you will be irresistible.

Put off the powdery aromas

According to research, the fragrance of baby powder reminds men not only of babies, but also of their grandmothers! Powder aromas are recognized by most men among the least sexy. If you like powdery aromas, choose those that contain notes of powdered musk mixed with the sexy scent of orange flower and pink pepper.

Suddenly sexy: pumpkin pie + lavender

According to research, many men have noted an unexpected unexpected sexual combination: pumpkin pie flavor and lavender notes. You can check for yourself whether this mix works or not.

Pink grapefruit - fresh but not inviting

The freshness of pink grapefruit is not entirely sexy. However, some men note that this fragrance makes a woman younger than his years. If you want to catch two birds with one stone - that is, to appear younger, but do not sacrifice sexuality, choose a fragrance with notes of grapefruit in combination with other, more sexual notes for men - vanilla, for example, and sandalwood.

A fragrance that men don't want you to wear

This, of course, depends on each individual man, however, as studies show, most men do not want their woman to wear the same fragrance as his ex. Therefore, if you suddenly know the trademark fragrance of the ex-girlfriend of your man, it is better to bypass this perfume party.