Psychologists have uncovered 7 secrets of the attractiveness of Russian women

This issue worries women around the world. We can pretend that we are not interested in what men think of us, focus on fashion trends or their own preferences, but male opinion will still be weighty for us.

Training Center "Sex.RF" conducted a sociological study in three cities of our country, trying to figure out what, according to women, is the secret of our attractiveness in the eyes of the stronger sex.

The survey was conducted among 379 women, among whom were residents of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod aged 18 to 35 years. What did respondents answer?

Grooming and tidiness

So decided the majority of respondents - 35%. They believe that a woman can draw the attention of a man, whose appearance is perfect - neat hair, makeup and ironed clothes.

Unique style

Slightly fewer respondents - 31% believe that more important is individual style. If a woman is interesting and dressed in an ordinary way, and there is a zest in her appearance, she is hard not to notice.

Positive attitude

So answered 23% of women, which is curious, mostly between the ages of 25 and 35 years. It is precisely the positive and due to the ease of communication, which, as you know, is considered one of the most attractive features for a man in a woman.


22% voted for the main female weapon in seduction - a smile. If a woman is friendly and friendly, she has more chances to arrange a man than a well-dressed, but sullen lady.

Good body

It matters according to 7% of respondents. This is not about the model parameters, but about a fit, sporty figure.

Feminine outfits

5% believe that femininity attracts men in the first place. This is the point of wearing elegant, graceful outfits.

The opinion of a man matters

According to experts, the desire of women like men laid by nature, and it is completely logical and logical.

For most women, it really matters what men think about them. Moreover, they are ready to take additional measures in order to appear before the representatives of the stronger sex, even those on whom they have no plans, in the best light, even if they have to sacrifice their free time for this.

But 11% of women, however, answered that if they were to go to a party where men would be, but they did not have time to fix themselves, they would go in the same way they were.

More than 50% of women said that they dress first of all for the sake of men. But for 16% fashion trends and the opinion of fashion gurus turned out to be more important.