Fashion outside the age and type of figure: 5 delicate models of dresses, sweaters

Women's knitted dresses - the most comfortable, elegant and unassuming kind of clothing. They go and slim, and full, and tall, and miniature. The fitting knitted dress perfectly emphasizes the attractive contours of the female figure, and the fair sex feel comfortable and natural in such a dress. Most often knitted dresses sew around the figure. Sonia Rykiel said that knitwear will not leave indifferent any girl, because they give each figure even more femininity and sensuality. “Your clothes are your looks. You will not be understood if you are in a business suit talking about a neighbor’s love affair and in a transparent dress criticizing the government. Clothing should be a continuation of thoughts. "- famous quote" queen knitwear. "

Exciting image

Knitted dresses have a comfortable fit. Bare shoulders give fragility and charm to the image. The dress looks elegant, even of a modest style and strict colors. Fabric fits the figure, emphasizing its dignity.
Dress Fimfi,. Dress Fimfi,.

Relaxed weekend

Additionally, a dress-sweater with a collar-collar will warm the neckline. Looks stylish with outerwear and warms without a scarf. No one knows exactly who invented this amazing model. There is a legend in fashion circles that the wife of a Norwegian fisherman loved to wear her husband's dimensionless sweaters. Once in this form, she met unexpected guests, among whom was a fashionable lady from the city. The lady liked the relaxed and flirty look of the girl so much that she boldly demonstrated this image to the amazed guests at a secular reception.
Brave Soul Dress, Brave Soul Dress,

Seductive mood

Dress-sweaters, like a second skin, follow the contours of the body, and with the help of a push up bra or corrective underwear the figure can be made even more attractive. Actress Amy Adams prefers to wear a sweater dress with shoes, and Victoria Beckham with a leather jacket and brutal boots.
Madison Harmonie Dress, Madison Harmonie Dress,

Freedom of movement

Most often knitted dresses sew around the figure. But there are other models: simple and unassuming cut. Comfortable, free to sit and does not hamper movement. Pick up to it large massive ornaments of ethnic motives. The dress can be worn in the winter with tight tights and boots, in the spring with shoes at low speed and a short jacket, and in the fall with a coat and long scarf. The length of the dress with a belt can be adjusted. For example, with leggings will look great mini.
Dress MadaM T, Dress MadaM T,

Cozy mood

Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio loves to combine a sweater dress with boots for long walks with a young man or for trips out of town.
Dress Finn Flare,. Dress Finn Flare,.