4 meaningless sacrifices that all women make

Women in our country are accustomed to make sacrifices. For the sake of a man, for the sake of children, for the sake of society or someone else - they do what they need, and not what they want. And it will not make you happier. And does not even guarantee that your victims will appreciate. How to learn to do what really brings you happiness?

Do not work where you do not appreciate

One of the sacrifices that our women (and not only women) make is work. Because it is necessary, it should be, everyone lives like that. We need to work in a normal place in order to receive a salary - albeit small, but stable. Want to work as an artist? You will surely come across misunderstanding among your loved ones. Being a lawyer, for example, is much more profitable and prestigious. Do not let your mind control. You can all and deserve the best - for example, find the cause of your life and your place in this world.

Do not try to keep troubled relationships.

Are you ready to endure anything, just not to be alone? Do not stay, because it is necessary, because everyone suffers, everyone lives like that. For the sake of children, or so that dirty rumors do not go about you. But is all this more important than your personal comfort? And will it be better for your children if they grow up in an unfavorable environment in terms of psychological comfort?

Do not give yourself to children

Most often, women donate for the sake of children. Every mother wants her children to have everything, and as much as possible, as much as possible. But if you ask any adult person whose parents sacrificed everything for him, you will surely hear that this was not required. And that happy parents, and first of all a mother, are much more important than an extra section or a new phone.

Do not go on about the society

And this is the worst. We are ready to give up anything, even ourselves, to follow the stereotypes that have been imposed on us. We spend money, going in the wake of manufacturers and succumbing to marketing tricks, take a mortgage to be like everyone else and even adjust our lifestyle to patterns and frames, sacrificing our personal happiness.

With the influence of society is difficult to cope, because it is stronger than most of us. But do you want, at the end of your life, to remember that you were like everyone else, but at the same time you were not happy?